How well can MediaPortal handle 10,000+ recordings? (1 Viewer)


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October 23, 2015
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How well can MediaPortal continue to function when your number of stored recordings exceeds 10,000?

I ask because my number of recordings with NextPVR recently exceeded 10,000 and the software has started running into all sorts of problems in its functionality because of that.

I want to know in advance if MediaPortal would also start encountering problems if it were used on a system with a 20+ TB recording storage capacity.


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    How well can MediaPortal continue to function when your number of stored recordings exceeds 10,000?
    I think that most users with a large number of recordings store them in a folder tree in the "Videos" section of MP. It is then just like any Windows file system that has a large number of files. To play a recording in the "Videos" section, you navigate the folder tree to find the recording that you want.

    When MP records a programme, it places the recording in the "Recorded TV" folder. This is a flat folder (no subfolders), but MP creates "virtual subfolders" to group recordings that have the same title. If you had 10,000 files in that folder, performance might slow down. Certainly, when I used WMC I found that the performance became unacceptably slow when the number of recordings exceeded around 100(!).

    The bit that is missing from MP is the process that moves recordings from the "Recorded TV" folder to the folder tree in "Videos", where you would probably have one folder per series, possibly arranged by subject matter (e.g. Documentaries, Movies, TV Series, Comedy, ...). There may be other tools that perform this relocation, although I wrote my own so that it would do exactly what I wanted.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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