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  • November 12, 2007
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    Ooooh, right! I use D3D11 present indeed. :LOL:
    Is this expected behaviour? Because MP itself uses D3D9 and not D3D11 maybe?
    Current method to grab screenshot works only with D3D9, but now with latest version, it should works for all settings, but for now not possible to capture the GUI, only video + madVR stats and OSD (like PAUSE on screen).

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    I'm working with him to make this possible with MP but mate, it has comes with bug on MP side, so i have something working but not great, in fact the whole week was going to bed around 2H00 at night lol.
    I'm a little tired but yeah this is the week-end :p :p
    Oh gosh, get some sleep then. :sleep:
    If I really need to screencap something I press PrintScreen and fire up Paint :D


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    September 9, 2015
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    Hey guys,

    just for your interest madTGP is now supporting HDR for calibration:

    madVR v0.92.3

    * added extended screenshot functionality, new settings page etc
    * added "IMadVRFrameGrabber" interface for media player developers
    * added HDR support to madTPG
    * added (limited) support for cropping through the DirectShow pin info
    * slightly improved super-xbr weights
    * fixed: settings dialog (madHcCtrl) could crash for AMD users
    * fixed: Nvidia FSE HDR passthrough tweak stopped working in v0.92.2
    * fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: NNEDI3 chroma upscaling crashed
    * fixed: D3D11 DXVA decoding: sometimes froze for 5 seconds
    * fixed: using FSE seekbar in paused state could freeze media player
    * fixed: custom modes of secondary monitor showed primary monitor data
    * fixed: madTPG: mouse cursor could confuse the measurements
    * odd horizontal porches are punished with a higher compatibility hit now


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  • November 12, 2007
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    V328 on the way :p

    It seems the screenshot function works better now but still getting some issues :
    - For ex the 800% didn't work.
    - OSD/GUI is not scale when using more 100% (need to ask madshi if he can be fixed on madVR side, because selecting over 100% madVR resize the image, so i think the OSD/GUI is missing).

    So now we can grab screenshot based on madVR settings and with all kind of settings (D3D9 / D3D11 etc.).

    I can trigger a crash, if i'm staying on F11 key (to trigger a lot of screenshot) so not sure where is the culprit there.
    So need regression testing too in overall, because i have noticed some tweak to do in general :p


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  • November 12, 2007
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    Here we go :)
    V328 in first post, we need to use latest madVR version (0.92.3).
    Now that i have implemented the IBasicVideo::GetCurrentImage, we can grab also screenshot from older madVR version, but it will only grab the Video frame (not the OSD/GUI etc.) and then for example if the video is hidden (related to skin), the screenshot will be empty lol.

    So V328 = madVR 0.92.3 :p
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