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  • November 12, 2007
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    hey @grabi_2001
    had a quick look at your logs and i think it's quite simple.

      <entry name="autochangerefreshrate">no</entry>
    therefore nothing is changed
    Yep, I have changed some settings and based on my own testing it seems to works @ 100% on my side, that's a good news, but better to @grabi_2001 to test it :p
    If all ok, I will post the settings change :p


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    Hi Seb,
    2 short questions:
    if setting: startup / resume settings: "ignore Windows resolution / size changes in fullscreen mode" is on then the following happens:
    MadVR HDR / UHD to Live EVR TV, is briefly the Windows interface (about 2 - 3 Sec.) And then starts TV, or the MP image is small.
    If the setting is not on, that does not happen. It's just HDR / UHD movies, but it's not 1080 yet. (See attachement)

    2. Does the Windows interface in the Nvidia driver to 60 Hz. Stand, or should at 50hz?
    The screen was already at 50Hz (before starting MP) (Your comment)

    Thank you



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  • November 12, 2007
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    Hey :) @grabi_2001

    1- Ok so better to revert that option :p
    2- When testing, I have let to 50Hz, but worth a try to test with 60Hz, if you want DRR to return to 60Hz (after LiveTV off), you need to change the default restore value in internal DRR MP configuration like above ATSCHD (60Hz).


    In fact, with madVR, it restores the current (before playing) refresh windows value on a stop. So if your screen is at 60Hz, it will restore to 60Hz.
    For EVR, the value restored is the one set in the setting (like above 60Hz) :p
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