[confirm] Mediaportal has wrong size after resume (1 Viewer)


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  • November 30, 2005
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    Completely reinstalled everything......but a clean RC4 still have this issue.

    If its a driver issue, why is it only Mediaportal that has this issue? - other programs work fine with resume.

    Rest of desktop is correct screen size - Just MP that has moved 25% off-screen(to the left)



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  • April 21, 2008
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    Do you also use the reverse procedure when shutting down ?

    First the PC and when the pc is completely off turn off tv and receiver.
    And when starting up first turn on the receiver and tv and when they are on start the pc.

    I think this has to do with the default for the onkyo which is 480i if nothing is attached.

    Or as stated before, if you have a button free on your remote, use it to toggle between fullscreen and windowed.
    if you start up with a small MP just toggle twice and it is fullscreen again ....


    PS a solution for this is to check the resolution in MP after resuming from standby (after about 30 seconds or so).


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    June 30, 2007
    New Zealand New Zealand
    When I shut down, I turn off the reciever first (which obviously severs the HDMI connection), and then the TV.
    If I turn off the TV first, the reciever appears to switch to 720p (i've verified this by watching the resolution change via VNC).

    The root cause is definitely that the onkyo switches to a default resolution if the TV is turned off, but MP should be able to cope with resolution changes while in full screen.

    I have a keyboard, and just alt-enter twice to fix the problem, but this is still a MP bug, in that it doesn't cope well with screen resolution changes - should detect a res change and adapt.


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    February 29, 2008
    Thanks for the tips on fixing this. I've had the same issue for a few months and have just resorted to restarting MP. I'm running an HDMI through an onkyo receiver to a projector. I fiddled w/ the "Always on top" and "Full Screen" settings for a while once and actually had what I felt was a working solution, but then I tinkered w/ those to get Hulu working and cant get it to be full screen 100% anymore. It worked fine for me back under XP as well. Sorry for the rambling, and thanks again.

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