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    Channel change issues for analog users

    There are a number of testers in this thread, noting a problem of channel changes & stalling of the video feed. The problem is being listed as an analog problem, but I have the same problem with my digital ATSC OTA channels on any clients running in RTSP mode (default). If I change the client to not use rtsp, channel changes are very fast.

    Have any of you with the channel change problem, tried using non-rtsp mode in the client?

    For those that have never tried it.....

    Share your timeshift & recording folders in windows on your TVserver system

    Change the settings in TVsetup for the server, so that the above folders are referenced as their share, and not as their local system path.

    Open mediaportal.xml on the client & do a search for tvservice. In that section add

    <entry name="usertsp">no</entry>

    This gets around the rtsp channel change issue for me, does this solve the channel change issue for any of you?

    BTW, I have a dual analog card as well, & channel changes are fine on both after this change.


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    I have an audio problem with this SVN. Often, after a channel change, I get no audio on channel. Going back a bit with timeshifting solves the problem.

    This happens both with crypted and not crypted channels.

    Logs attached.
    I second that.
    Here the audio will sometimes not sync with the video, if a HD-channels video stream has 2 audio streams, it sometimes won't sync the audio with the video, video also gets very slow when there is an overlay (like tv-guide) active. This won't happen if there is only 1 audio stream. Going back a bit with timeshifting will also solve the problem.

    Another bug on HD channels, if I set the option Prefer AC-3 sound and it has again 2 audio streams, with 1 AC-3 sound stream, it only plays the audio and not show the video. If i disable this option, i go to the same channel, it will work correctly, also when I choose the other AC-3 audio stream.

    This bug should be fixed in SVN rev.21802 but looks still alive to me.
    Bugs 0002021 and 0002020


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    having some trubel understanding this line you wrote

    Change the settings in TVsetup for the server, so that the above folders are referenced as their share, and not as their local system path

    do you men use them as your time shift folders ? tvserversetup/recordingsetings/recordingfolders/timshift ???
    and shange folder for all your cards to folder ex c:/card1 c:/card2 then sharing the folder in windows ?

    when doing so my clients complaining canot start video/audio

    working on local whithut any errors ?

    do i have to map the drive or somthing els on the clients ?

    sorry for miss spellings..

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    Anybody nagging here?
    This was simply a question.
    Hence the wink at the end of the answer :)

    Because of dvb epg issues, that affect a few of us, there needs to be some more changes, these need to be checked as to whether we think they are back working before any new svn is made, and as you are one of the users affected by this, then I'm sure you want to get this right.

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