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February 19, 2008
Australia Australia
Just wondering if its normal to have a database sitting around the 100mb mark.

Just to add there are around 1100 movies in the database


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February 19, 2008
Australia Australia
Just to add a bit more to the story. The database file 131MB.
Using SqlLiteBrowser the table "filters__movie_info__black_list" has 3,151,164 records with the "filters__movie_info__white_list" has 10k records
If I delete these records there is no change in file size until i compress the database which brings it back down to 10MB, a more reasonable size.

Dodgy Bob

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  • July 10, 2008
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    Hi Ozwombat,

    I logged into the forums to post a new thread about my DB size and speed of MovingPictures when I saw this, so thought I would post here instead.

    I've had my MP installation for over 2 years now (I think, getting old, hard to and in that time I've updated MP and MovingPictures numerous times. My DB size was 202MB and I have 1,600 films. Whenever I went into MovingPictures within MP for the first time it would take ages to update filters and categories. Whenever I started the plugin configuration it would take 3-4 minutes before the film list appeared. I started to get fed-up of the performance.

    I have another, client, MP set-up on my games PC and the MovingPictures DB on that was 8.5MB pointing to the same shares. That's a big difference.

    So, I blew away my MovingPictures DB and rescanned everything. My DB size is now 7.5MB, a difference of 194.5MB, or 4% of it's original size!

    The performance is great now. Within MP it goes straight into MovingPictures and the plugin starts immediately.

    I don't know what caused the DB bloat. Just the age? The multiple MP upgrades? The multiple MovingPictures upgrades? Who knows? But I think it's worth while keeping an eye on the DB and refreshing it every few months. Thanks to trakt this isn't a big deal.


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  • March 24, 2005
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    You may consider this MPDbArchiver to make regular back-up copies of your databases.

    I have had it in the past that a database would blow-up on me, it always happened after a series of dirty shut downs when the power went out due to lightening storms.


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    June 7, 2007
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    A 100mb database is definitely not normal, I will look into this this weekend. Are you guys using any external plugins that hook into Moving Pictures though? Trakt? IMDb+? StreamedMP?


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  • March 10, 2006
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    Using IMDb+ plugin, my current db3 file is around 35MB with well over 3000 movies, and have gone through many updates from previous version upgrades. The main size increase I got on mine last time was when I was messing around with Dynamic Actors and ended up with like 80,000 rows in some tables. Also the blacklist and whitelist tables were huge. I also had some other issues back then so I did a clean database, which was right before the update to MediaPortal v1.0, and I have stayed away from Dynamic Actors/Directors/Writers since then.

    Dodgy Bob

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  • July 10, 2008
    Wales Wales
    I'm using trakt,, IMDB+ and StreamedMP!

    I did create a custom category of actors but removed it last month. I'm willing to accept that this was the cause.

    Having said that, my DB was 150MB after removing that category, the next time I checked it was 202MB. The only actions taken inbetween (if memory serves) was adding a couple of films and upgrading to the latest StreamedMP (with the latest plugin additions) and MovingPictures. It was then I decided to recan everything.

    Edit : I've got the backups (which I presume are taken when MovingPictures is upgraded).

    25/02/2010 - 1MB
    25/06/2010 - 7MB
    18/12/2010 - 14MB
    25/03/2011 - 17MB
    20/12/2011 - 65MB
    09/02/2012 - 200MB

    It was sometime between 20/12 and 09/02 that I noticed it was 150MB. I'm sure the category was removed before 20/12.

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