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Discussion in 'Moving Pictures' started by ltfearme, November 29, 2013.

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    Thanks for great plug-in !

    I've been using this for years already and suffered from this issue longer time I can remember: Article removal from movie title sorting string doesn't work so I've been removing these manually to get movies in correct order.

    I'm using Mediaportal 1.60 final with StreamedMP 2.2.0, MovingPictures comes bundled with it.
    I'm as well using imdb+ plugin as well as it's scrapes movie titles in English unlike standard imdb scraper that gets (ugly) local translations. I love as well the way it groups the movie sequels with roman numbers.

    This might be the cause for my problems:
    Issue #715: If article removal logic is enabled it will now only remove articles
    from the language of the scraper script used. This will prevent
    situations like "die" in "Die Hard" from being removed.

    Article removal doesn't seem to work if you manually reorder scraping script priority order. Imdb+ as well is not recognized as English language movie details scraper so there is no way to pick automatic option to get details in English and use this great scraper.

    My solution was to revert back to MovingPictures 1.3.1, how ever it lacks some features and does not find all cover pics of movies the more recent versions of plugin does. Any better solution/work a round for this or is there maybe batch coming that fixes this issue?
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  3. RoChess
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    Thanks for mentioning you use IMDb+, because that is why Article remove stopped working for you. At least for the titles that get renamed by IMDb+. The problem is that Moving-Pictures does not re-apply the article remove setting after IMDb+ changes the title. One solution is to add all those movies to your IMDb+ custom rename database and force the sortby="..." value to be what you want.

    It has been on my ToDo list to add an IMDb+ article remove option as a workaround, but this means modifying not just the scraper-script, but also the plugin. Just have not been able to find the time for that, work/life/etc.

    The fact IMDb+ doesn't show as "English", is because it also supports many other languages, but Moving-Pictures does not support IMDb+ as such. So another item on my ToDo list is to have the IMDb+ plugin modify the IMDb+ scraper-script language field according to the secondary language setting of IMDb+. Not sure how not having a language indicator for the scraper-script impacts the new language based article removal setting though, would need @ltfearme to help me on that.
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