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    @fredco, so just to confirm:

    Manual skin fixes to add 4K/audio support without an updated Moving-Pictures (and my initial image attempts) are thread-post #4 @ HEVC Video, DTSX, ATMOS, DD+ Audio Codecs

    The attachment contains 4K.png + hevc.png

    Updated icon thread-post # 13 @ HEVC Video, DTSX, ATMOS, DD+ Audio Codecs

    The attachment contains 4K.png, dtsx.png, eac3+atmos, and truehd+atmos which covers all the fancy UHD media I've come across.

    If you rely on updated MovPic then you have to at least rename 4K.png to the appropriate name. Reason why I kept mine this way, was so that INFO of MediaPortal inside playback was not updated on these new icons, because that would have clashed, and I only wanted to use them inside Moving-Pictures skin. I'm sure I can figure it out when I revisit how to make skin child-themes work on my system.


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    New release available v1.8.3:
    • Improved MediaInfo support and compatibility with MediaInfo 1.23;
    • Updated filmtipset scraper (thanks vuego);
    • Added an option for pre-mounting images on external playback (thanks fLaSkin).
    NB: This version is only compatible with MP 1.23+



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    For catavolt : If you look carefully, we have collision (in french, don't know who translated it but it's a verbose language) for framerate by seconds so, I wonder if maybe, you can change the "X" for variable or, make a 'scrolling' for title, in all your (great) skins you maintain...
    Just an idea...


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    Just send him the revised file as attachment here :whistle:
    It's not as simple as you can think.
    I cloned @ltfearme movpics to try updating this.
    You know what ? (funny :LOL:)
    This string is not a movpics particular strings, it's a MP string :
        <String id="300010">Taux IMS</String>
    I also cloned MP source code for this then, as you want, I can create a pull request for MP, I can push directly in trunk (with write access) or simply put the strings file here...



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    I´ll put your new language file directly in MP repo ;) THX ;)
    OOps - can´t download the attached file from above :oops:

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