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  • March 10, 2006
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    I do not have an NFO example in old format and an NFO example in new format to test, so somebody that does please test the attachment.

    It should support the new genres syntax in NFO, while at the same time supporting old format. But I'm not 100% sure it works and can not test myself right now.

    So somebody either provide me with both NFO files, or test it and respond. Then I can commit the patch to issue tracker.



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  • January 21, 2009
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    But I'm not 100% sure it works and can not test myself right now.
    No doesn't work, sorry.

    I have created two *.nfo files.
    recognize correctly from both Importer (xbmc v1.0.5 MovPic and MyVideos)

    Only recognize from MyVideos importer.
    This is also the format of your *.nfo file, if you exprot the movie details with MyVideos

    Studios, director:
    Both dircetion does not work because of the separator.

    form MovPic:
    <studio>|Warner Bros. Pictures|Legendary Pictures|Syncopy</studio>
    from MyVideos:
    <studio>Warner Bros. Pictures / Legendary Pictures / Syncopy</studio>


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  • October 20, 2011
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    Thanks for this little plugin - this will be a real time saver for me, as I have several HTPC's and I really hate going through the scraping everytime on each one!

    One question though - any reason that you can't just click "export all", rather than having to confirm and export each movie individually? I realise that it's good to check the details, but if you had a significant movie collection, you may prefer to just export them all, and take the risk that the occasional file may be slightly wrong.


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    March 15, 2010
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    Hi Scrounger,

    your app is very handy and I started using it for my movingpictures database. However, I am missing one field in the created nfo file. I need it to be populated with details_url info from the DB, as I use it in my skin to link to imdb/themoviedb/... page. If you could please add this feature to export list, I'd be grateful. It might be configurable whether to include it or not. Maybe you could add option to the app or just by editing MovPicNFO.Settings.xml to select which fields I want to export to .nfo file (e.g. I saw you implemented exporting <watched> flag in ver. attached on previous page, but I'd like to omit this info from the .nfo file as I use for watched flag synchronization).

    If you're too busy with other features, I could probably just compile my own version from your sources by adding to MovingPicturesDB.vb (if I understand it correctly):
    		Public ReadOnly Property details_=url() As String
    				If _MovingPicturesInfos IsNot Nothing AndAlso _MovingPicturesInfos.Rows.Count > 0 Then
    					Return DatabaseUtility.[Get](_MovingPicturesInfos, _Index, "details_url")
    					Return String.Empty
    				End If
    			End Get
    But I don't know with what to compile and what settings to use. Could you please

    I can still use your app to generate the .nfo file and manually adding the details_url field to the file (I already edited xbmc.xml scraper in movingpictures to populate database with this details_url field) but it'd save me some trouble if you could implement this yourself.

    Thanks a lot.

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