[Bug] MP Clock Freeze , LOG show restart (1 Viewer)


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April 2, 2013
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OK ! miracle....

the "bug" appear...
so i post you that why you ask me (the 3rd choice) in mode debug.

For the timming :

I switch ON TV. it is 10h10 .
i Watch FR3 , after TF1 HD (automoto)
TV is working.... all good.
i just put the Info key on my remote, and i see 10h37.....or the time is 10h42 not 10h37. TV Work good.
i start my video, and do exactly what you ask me.
TV work .;i stop it , restart it... i have the sound, no picture.;just the sound!

i stop tv, try videos, no pcitures just the sound.
i restart TV.;no pictures , just the sound.

I stop all, and make the log file !( just sorry for the end of video, because, i stop MP and Watchdog close..of course, so i restart Watch dog and send it..all log is in the zip file..) the video is very very clear..you can see and ear it..it's crazy bug !!!)

Now you have the log, and the video for explain what happpen me.
ps: the tvservicelog show a signal at 0 (and ..of course..impossible if you see the video..tv working..)

Thank you very much.

Link video:


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April 2, 2013
France France
euh..;sorry but what is teamviewer check ?(i must to downlaod an irc client..if you have the adress..;sorry it's my first post in report..;so i am ...loose^^)

PS: i'm connected to IRC channel.
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    Thanks! (y)

    I can tell from the log files that the video is working here:
    [2014-01-12 10:37:01,888] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - TVHome.ViewChannelAndCheck(): View channel=TF1 HD
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,615] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - VMR9: Repainting -> Playing, Frames: 50
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,746] [Log ] [26 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: PresentImage() dispose surfaces
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,755] [Log ] [5 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: crop T, B : 0, 0
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,762] [Log ] [5 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: crop L, R : 0, 0
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,768] [Log ] [5 ] [INFO ] - PlaneScene: video WxH : 1920x1080
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,774] [Log ] [5 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: video AR : 16:9
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,781] [Log ] [5 ] [INFO ] - PlaneScene: screen WxH : 850x480
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,786] [Log ] [5 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: AR type : Normal
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,792] [Log ] [5 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: PixelRatio : 1
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,799] [Log ] [5 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: src : (0,0)-(1920,1080)
    [2014-01-12 10:37:05,804] [Log ] [5 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: dst : (968,238)-(1818,716)
    ...but not here:
    [2014-01-12 10:43:16,433] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - TVHome.ViewChannelAndCheck(): View channel=TF1 HD
    [2014-01-12 10:43:20,450] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - VMR9Helper: Playing -> Repainting, Frames 50
    [2014-01-12 10:43:20,479] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - VMR9: Repainting -> Playing, Frames: 50
    [2014-01-12 10:43:20,730] [Log ] [26 ] [DEBUG] - PlaneScene: PresentImage() dispose surfaces
    [2014-01-12 10:43:31,733] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - g_Player.doStop() keepTimeShifting = False keepExclusiveModeOn = False
    I can't yet see the cause of the problem, but I wonder if it might be related to this:
    [2014-01-12 10:41:11,374] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - Main: WM_POWERBROADCAST (PBT_POWERSETTINGCHANGE)
    [2014-01-12 10:41:11,381] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - Main: The user activity timeout has elapsed with no interaction from the user
    [2014-01-12 10:41:59,439] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - Main: WM_POWERBROADCAST (PBT_POWERSETTINGCHANGE)
    [2014-01-12 10:41:59,449] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - Main: User is providing input to the session


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    April 2, 2013
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    ooookkkkkk...;euh......so..bug or not bug ?
    (powersettingchange ??) i sure you, i don't change anything ^^:cautious:

    if you need something else, wrote me :D

    this "bug" appear every day, or nothing for 4 days... no action realise it, just see tv....


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    Oh, ca c'est du reportage vidéo, mais au moins, on comprend !

    Thank loiscooper91 for your vidéo-feedback ;)


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    April 2, 2013
    France France
    Merci azzuro, j'ete obligé car ce "bug" est tres tres difficile a expliqué.;mais bien existant.
    depuis la 1.2.3 jusqu'à la 1.5.0 , jamais de soucis, mais depuis la 1.6.0..j'ai ca.. :(

    espérons que mm1352000 trouve une solution.

    In English for mm: thank you azzuro, i must do the video because is veryvery hard to explain this "bug".
    before version 1.2.3 to 1.5.0 never probleme, but after the update of 1.6.0 i have it.

    i wish that mm1352000 find a solution.

    cordialement/Best regards


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    April 2, 2013
    France France
    do you want i post a new zip log if MP do the bug another time ?
    Best regards[DOUBLEPOST=1389550654][/DOUBLEPOST]just for more research, a new time for the bug.
    i tv on (after more test with sebastii and teamvier..we stop all)...i give the bath to my son, tv ON after.
    all work...
    a long time after (1 hour) i see the clock, freeze to 18h34 (it's 19h02 to my clock in systeme)
    so go watchdog log after a tv OFF and TV ON, with sound and no picture...

    lot of powertruc for mm ^^ :)
    PS: in list of change in MP 1.6.0:
    [MP1-4302] - Powerscheduler registers for PBT_POWERSETTINGCHANGE event
    ?? this is not the message you find in the log ?
    for information i enable PowerScheduler plugin this evening and put HTPC conf and expert mode with network and tvservice process....to try and prevent maybe a sleep inactivity ..

    PS2: This morning the 13/01 i disable PowerSchedule, freeze ^^, it's not that ...

    help ?
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    April 2, 2013
    France France
    i just forgot to wrote that in the log of 19h09 (the last) we found:

    [2014-01-12 18:42:14,126] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - Main: WM_POWERBROADCAST (PBT_POWERSETTINGCHANGE)
    [2014-01-12 18:42:14,133] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - Main: The user activity timeout has elapsed with no interaction from the user
    [2014-01-12 18:43:36,425] [Log ] [MPMain ] [DEBUG] - Main: WM_POWERBROADCAST (PBT_POWERSETTINGCHANGE)
    [2014-01-12 18:43:36,433] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - Main: User is providing input to the session


    the same ..... just to know if MM1352000 is on it ? or.... must i have to downgrade to MP 1.5.0 ?

    I don't know what happen, but, i means that windows 8.1 think and check an inactivity of MP, or, MP check and send to Windows an inactivity from his user.

    An Microsoft Ingeneer in my enterprise say me that the WM_POWER is the power managment windows.
    And for him he thinks that windows see an Inactivity from mediaportal.exe and froze it !!(the process)

    Someone have maybe an idea in this feeling ?

    Just say me if i must to wait... or , if you think is not a bug for MP, and i must to find another solution )

    Thanks very much for your help

    Best regards.
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    April 2, 2013
    France France
    OK...i can reproduce the bug directly..i found how!
    I launch MP .
    start TV ON
    see tv for 2/3 min.
    Stop TV
    go to video, launch a film (dynamic refresh rate go to 24hz )for 24p cinema.
    watch 10 sec of film.
    stop the film
    go back to main menu
    start TV on. dynamic refresh rate go to 50HZ (TNT DVB-T) ...Watch tv (is working)
    stop tv, restart TV..;blackout , sound only !

    i can do it every time.. the bug work !

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