[Bug] MP Clock Freeze , LOG show restart (1 Viewer)


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April 2, 2013
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ok... with sebastii, (a big big thanks to him) , we work, and teste, the DRR is the probleme....
the only difference, is, that i use the last whql Microsoft Nvidia driver (with Windows update) and distribute with win 8.1

so i install the new 332.21 Nvidia (from nvidia.fr)..and now..the test.
.in the first test, TV is ok ! i push test tommorow very hard.(my wife want tv now ;) )

a conflict between evr.dll and driver nvidia Microsoft signed....apparently...


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April 2, 2013
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STOP !!! :D...the bug is always here, but, now i resolv it. ans it's not with the driver ...

OK... for you can try , it's easy, the NOTIFICATION POPUP ! DRR

you enable it. (GUI/ Dynamic Refresh Rate/ Notify popup on changing rate (put a X)

go , tv ON 50 hz 1min => TV OFF | videos 24Hz 1 min =>stop video | TV ON 50hz 1min / TV OFF 15 sec and TV ON , black OUT !!(& clock freeze)

without notify popup, every work good !!!

if someone can test. ..i'am sure now..and it's bug in my home...
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    By talking with Loiscooper91 by PM, i have supply a bin to test and solve the issue, i will need to create a Jira entry related, in fact, somehow the notification dialog freeze MP, the actual code try to display dialog when in fullscreen (but from code POV, it seems do not do that) so the change is to always display dialog on fullscreen on not :)


    Is the problem occur with only with last provided links or with also occur in starting links, because I have also faced like this problem with the freezing of mp clock.

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