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    MP2: US user, OTA - can NOT get SchedulesDirect plugin to work on MP1 or MP2 --> how do I get OTA schedule?

    Hello - I'm a new user converting from a Win7 WMC. I love the features in MP2 (and MP1) but we are heavy OTA watchers - so getting an accurate TV schedule / guide is a deal-breaker. I live in the US and have 2 Hauppauge tuners; they work fine and scan the channels. I have setup a Windows 10...
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    'IPTV' is not a valid value for LineupTypes

    I am using SchedulesDirect for importing HDHomeRun Premium and OTA EPGs. After restarting the MediaPortal1 service, no EPG data downloads. I see the following entry in the TVService log: [2019-01-26 13:16:34,516] [Log ] [SchedulesDirect EPG Client] [INFO ] - WARNING: Appears there is a...
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    Schedules Direct - XmlTV Plugin

    Here is how I setup Schedules Direct for XmlTV Plugin XMLTV mc2xml U.S. User List of sites for TV Listings and Channel Info Schedules Direct Account Schedules Direct You must create account and configure account for...
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    TV Service takes 5 minutes to start. Cannot stream to other PCs.

    I have so many symptoms that I am wondering if I shouldn't just uninstall and wipe everything and start over. #4 below is the only showstopper, but #6 is major. 1) (not critical) I switched to Schedules Direct in December after IMDB stopped their TV Guide. Now TVService takes 5 minutes or more...
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    EPG for USA now that IMDB is gone

    My EPG grabber using IMDB in the USA stopped working this week and their site says they are not going to post tv listings anymore. This weekend I downloaded and installed the SchedulesDirect plugin from Mediaportal's website and installed it in my version 1.18. It works perfectly even tho it...
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    Episode Number Formats

    My TVGuide xml files contain either "dd_progid" info or both "dd_progid" and "xmltv_ns" episode info. Sample below for a single program: <episode-num system="dd_progid">EP00871042.0030</episode-num> <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">3.1.</episode-num> This is not...
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