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May 24, 2005
Stockholm, Sweden
Ooops! Did not intend to sound arrogant. :wink:
I realise that a lot of people of course still are using 4:3. In fact my CRT is 4:3 and my projector 16:9 so I have to accept the 16:9 skin being a bit squeezed on my CRT.
In any case - my guess would be that 16:9 is more common than 4:3 - so why is not 16:9 the standard skin ratio?!


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September 4, 2005

Great to have so much support !
I gonna finish this skin :)

I made homescreens even more slicker, in my mind it looks way better now.
But it takes time, and im more a graphic guy than o coder. so bugs in the
skinning engine kills me :(

I gonna totally rework osd layout and stuff like that also. Hopefully i gonna get some done during this weekend.
If any one wanna help with xml it would be cool. I can provide all the gfx complete.

Thanks again for all feedback.. you rock :)

here are some examples of the new homescreens:



Oh yeah, this one looks awesome! Definatly will have this one as the default skin. Please finish it!
I'm afraid I have to vote for 16:9 though or make it so that both resolutions are supported. I think that 16.9 is more future friendly, cause more and more of these TVs get sold.
I also rather see a simpler font so it fits more to the rest, but not Arial. Just something less curvy.

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