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    All indications are that all the problems are with the reception you are getting from the transmitter.

    Either low power because of weather conditions or work/maintenance at transmitter.

    Somethng amiss from your aerial to your tuner card.

    Even the possibility of your tuner card drivers having problems (remote but possible). Are there older or newer drivers you can test?

    Signal level and quality can only be used as a comparison on your specific setup (not all tuner drivers give the same readings) and the 'discontinuities' are the key to showing bad reception.

    Your aerial main element should be as close to horizontal and aimed at almost due east from Paisley to the main Blackhill transmitter, a quick visual check can confirm this. Check connectors cables aerial feeds and sockets and any booster/splitters you use. Removing mains powered boosters can improve matters when doing testing for problems.

    At least the two test files of SD and HD show that your CPU/GPU/OS have NO problems with respect to renderer and codecs as they play perfectly.
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    December 19, 2012
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    Hey happy holidays everyone. Recovered from the christmas booze session ha

    Seems most of the issues have cleared up with the TV, even managed to watch a little bit of chitty chitty bang bang over christmas.. that is until I realised what I was watching.

    Still can't use the LAV codecs but whatever and it does still jump from time to time, but I can live with it as it is. Must be because I'm running a multiple monitor set up, as I noticed it would jump when I would do stuff on the other monitors. Either a codec issue or a bottleneck somewhere in the system.

    Got a powerful enough PC that I can play the latest games at max and watch youtube on another screen and have a CFD code running in the background.. so no idea why it would be lagging so much with this programme but i'll stop complaining. I'm sure i'd eventually get to the bottom of it, but it's not a massive priority.

    Just wanted to come back and say thank you to everyone that helped me, congratulate you for all surviving the 21st of december and wish you luck for the final few days of 2012!


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