One Button Random Music?


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June 7, 2007

Is there any way to map a button on my remote (or keyboard shortcut) to start playing random music? I'm using the Microsoft MCE remote. I want something I can use with the screen off (projector, takes a while to warm up).


You can find the One Button Music plugin by hwahrmann here One Button Music

Version 2.0.1
Compatible with MP 1.2 (Download section updated)

Version 2.0
Compatible with MP 1.2 Beta (Use file attached to this thread)

Version 1.9

Added "AutoPlay on Home" - Playback starts, when returning to Home / Basic Home
Added "AutoPlay on Inactivity" - Playback starts after n-secs of inactivity on ANY screen
"Load from Folder" can now be mapped to a Remote button as well
Different actions can be assigned to the various AutoPlay functions

Version 1.8

Added "AutoPlay on startup" and "Autoplay on Resume"
Added Tooltips to the various controls
"Same Artist" option, assigned to a Remote Button, clears playlist and loads songs from the curently played artist
"Same Album" option, assigned to a Remote Button, clears playlist and loads all songs from the currently played album
When the Playlist textbox is empty in numeric button definition, then the currently loaded playlist is used. This can be used to shuffle the currently loaded playlist over and over.

Version 1.7

When selecting Random songs, the minimum rating can be specified. e.g. Only select random songs with rating > 3.

Version 1.6 (thanks to Scandermore for the development)
Added option "Play the current playlist" as an action for "Play" button
Added option to get random songs on numeric buttons. Use it if you have the Play button mapped to play the current playlist

Version 1.5
Playlists containong Internet streams were not played
Plugin is now distributed in MPInstaller format


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March 12, 2006
Maybe you can use the SmartPlaylist plugin to generate random playlist. It's not in 1 click but 2 or 3 maximum


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June 7, 2007
My problem is that I don't want to turn on the screen, so anything more than one click ends up being too much.

Right now I cheat. I have a 2nd sound card that's continually playing a huge playlist in Foobar hooked up to an extra input on my receiver. It works, but it just seems like a convoluted way to do things, plus I don't have an easy way to skip tracks I don't like.

I'm actually considering hooking my 200 CD changer back up, but that seems really silly when I've got my entire CD collection on my PC.

Maybe I can set up a macro to click the sequence I need. I just need to figure out a repeatable sequence that will always get me to the right place.


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May 26, 2008
Yeah come on guys... This is just one of those ideas that really makes a system have that WOW factor... We have two choices that should be remarkably easy... The first is to use "my radio" with the "my webradio option" activated in launch... I don't know, isn't there possibly like a hyperlink or something that could do this... I agree with dabbith, it's a great idea... You come home with a date, pick up your remote and boom, there you go, music you like :)

The other option being obviously the audo scrubbler... Some one out there is really smart and just waiting to tell us how to do this :)
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