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    For me, i moft often stop playblack before resume and after wakeup, if i start a movie / series / TV, DRR is analysed and then switch to corresponded refresh rate.
    So i always the good refresh rate :)

    @Shangostar maybe you issue is different (even if i'm not sure lol)


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  • December 27, 2009
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    @Shangostar maybe you issue is different (even if i'm not sure lol)
    It could well be, I searched forum see if it was a common or reported issue and this seemed most similar so dropped a post in but as said not looked into it properly yet. If I find it's something else I'll start new thread but post back here anyway.


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    Since 1.6 my log always looks like this:
    [2014-05-01 20:39:44,953] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - RefreshRateChanger.SetRefreshRateBasedOnFPS: current refreshrate is 50hz - changing it to 24hz
    [2014-05-01 20:39:44,953] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - RefreshRateChanger.SetRefreshRateBasedOnFPS: using internal win32 method for changing refreshrate. current is 50hz, desired is 24
    [2014-05-01 20:39:44,968] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - CycleRefreshRate: unable to change refresh rate 24Hz for monitor 0

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