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December 10, 2008
Error on EPG refresh

I'm still getting this error on EPG refresh

EPG Failed with the following error:[AnyDAC][Phys][MySQL][LIBMYSQL] Column 'notify' cannot be null

any hints on how to fix this?



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  • November 11, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    btw, Big_Kev i could translate to spanish if u want.
    Yes Please!!!

    If I delete a recording in menu "RECORDED" the sub-directory on
    harddisk is deleted too. As was intended?
    It was intended to delete the sub-directory as long as it is empty - if you have multiple episodes in the same sub-directory, it will not be deleted until all episodes have been deleted as well.

    Is the intention to delete the "root" directory for recordings as well?

    When I delete the last recording in D:\Recordings (set in Recording Settings -> Recording Folders in TvServer setup), the folder is deleted.

    Can't remember that I have seen sub-dirs in in the recordings folder...

    Dodgy Bob

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  • July 10, 2008
    Wales Wales
    Errors with setup

    Hi all,

    First a big thank you to big_kev for all his hard work on this. Most impressive.

    Unfortunately I can't get to use it yet!

    During the install it asked me to install something called bk<can't remember rest!>, which I did. During the subsequent set-up I got some errors about access to bkqueries. I didn't save them, sorry.

    After set-up when I tested the connection I login and get :

    [AnyDAC][Phys][MySQL][LIBMYSQL] Access denied for user 'mpweb'@'%' to database 'bkqueries'

    I did do a search of the thread but didn't see anything similar. The schema doesn't show in the mysql admin thingy so I couldn't add the privileges.




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    November 25, 2007
    Olney, UK
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    For the last couple of months, I always get "Parameter EndTime not found" when trying to schedule recordings. Has anyone else got this? I've even tried a fresh install of the TVService, Database nd MPWebint. I'm using the Radio Times EPG Grabber.
    i have the same error, and i think i have nailed down the case when it occurs... this error only happens if you try to record a show which is kind of duplicate in your epg

    e.g. i have 2 channels with exactly the same program (only difference is that that one is SD and the other HD), i can't schedule any show on both of this channels, always getting this error... ...i will file an issue on google code for this..
    This seems to fit with the problem I see, although as I have satellite and terrestrial cards this is pretty much every time I go to record something!

    It pretty much makes the web UI unuseable for any scheduling.


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    March 31, 2006
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    schedule recording - no new pop up window

    Hi all!

    This is just a minor cosmetic issue I have, but since I could not find it mentioned anywhere else, I thought I ask you guys.
    Whenever I want to schedule a new recording by clicking on a show in the guide, the screen showing the recording options will not load in a new pop-up window, which I think it is intended to do. Instead this screen is shown in the window the guide and the whole web interface had been shown. So after setting up the recording I have to click two times the "back" button on my browser (Firefox3 btw., IE behaves the same) to get back to the guide.
    I can observe the same behavior when I try to delete a scheduled recording, but when I want to delete a recording from the 'Recordings' screen, I get a pop-up window (the one asking if I really want to delete it). I find this a bit inconsistent and would prefer the pop-up window in each of these cases.
    I don't know if it is a setting that is wrong or a bug, so I wanted to hear what you guys think of that.

    Thanks for your help!


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    March 3, 2008
    France France
    Hi !

    I want add custom HTML for horizontal view, but it's in read only ... how can I customize horizontal view ?

    Thanks for help !


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    March 1, 2009
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    First off, great plug in; looks like it is going to be really useful.

    I've been having a problem with the EPG since installing it yesterday insofar as it hasn't updated with anything since the day it was installed. I think that this is because I'd been using the EIT EPG that comes with the DVB stream. I'd decided instead to try and configure the EPG in the web interface, but I've had no luck at all.

    I've been entering which returns the channel listing for the Radio Times EPG. However, this is not being processed (an xmltv.xml file is created, but this is corrupt).

    Has anyone got this working for the UK and if so, how have you done so?

    I'm figuring that it needs a download of a complete XML file, so I figure I could just configure a normal XMLTV to run and push the xmltv.xml into the EPG folder instead?


    I'm figuring that it needs a download of a complete XML file, so I figure I could just configure a normal XMLTV to run and push the xmltv.xml into the EPG folder instead?
    OK, that plan didn't quite work as I have to map the xml to the channels, D'oh! :oops:

    The only provider of a UK listing as XML would be bleg, but for the moment ITV have requested that their channels not be included in the list (why I don't know as the channel's are free to vew). :s

    So all I can come up with as a plan is to install some kind of web server on my HTPC and make an XML downloaded from the Radio times source available via that ... unless of course there is someway I can grab the file from the local machine in the MP Web Config?

    Will update with how I get on ...

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