Support for Futaba DM-140GINK DEMO (1 Viewer)


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November 11, 2008
I read this tread intensively and got the Futaba DM-140GINK of my MSI Media Live barebone running.


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November 30, 2008
Germany Germany

I installed MediaPortal 1.0 Final. Wich file do i need and where do i have to place it for my scaleo e display to work?

Thank you.
If your Scaleo E has the Futaba DM-140GINK DEMO display, you simply have to copy the contents of the zip-file in Simone's post to your mediaportal directory (C:\program files\team mediaportal\mediaportal).



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December 26, 2006
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thanks for the quick update, is it possible to have the new source code to debug it since the rec icon is not turning on in my FIC Spectra display, I'm using it in a client-server configuration

regards and happy new year,


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November 19, 2008
Poland Poland
Here the current version of MiniDisplayLibrary.dll. You need MP 1.0 final to run it.

thx you very much :D

So I have problem with this version (and any older version externaldisplay.dll + MP 1.0).
I am using Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo EV VFD driver by David Kes.
Bottom line of the display (only!) a irregularly blinking with the average frequency once for a second.
The problem didn't appear in MP 1.0 RC 4 (with any version of externaldisplay.dll) and with "Test Display" function in Mini Display Setup MP 1.0. Problem appear in MP only, meaningless what is showing on bottom line of the display.



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  • April 15, 2007
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    Errors in current build with Scaleo EV driver

    Here the current version of MiniDisplayLibrary.dll. You need MP 1.0 final to run it.
    I tried this out on my Scaleo E using the Scaleo EV driver. This is the only one I have ever found to work, even though the Scaleo E apparently has a Futaba display. "Test Display" seemed to work OK, but no output (e.g. active section, song title) was received from a running MP 1.0. Logfiles seem to indicate conflicts with other plugins (in this case, Power Scheduler Client). This is probably due to the ported driver itself, as I started seeing this using External Display between and and subsequently disabled it. Attached are some logfiles. Hope they help!

    P.S. One of my earlier reports on this (with logs) can be found in this post


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    January 20, 2009
    Here the current version of MiniDisplayLibrary.dll. You need MP 1.0 final to run it.


    I did everything what was described in this thred. I've got Scale E case + Vista HP + MediaPortal 1.0. The VFD works fine, almost fine, it is a bit blinking - the second line but this is not a problem. After I have put the system into S3 standby and wake it up the VFD stays blank or "Scaleo E" sign comes in.

    Has anybody have a solution to standby issue??


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