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September 23, 2013
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okay, to recap (just to make I understood everything):

a) MP2 is fully compatible with Kodi
b) MP1 has two different plugins for NFO processing (which are not 100% compatible):
1) MyVideo
2) Moving Pictures


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September 23, 2013
Austria Austria
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so, just tried to refactor the whole thing. I've exported the same movie one time in the new MP-Moving Pictures NFO format and one time in the new MP-MyVideo NFO format.

would be happy if you guys could test it



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    Hi Manuel,
    how are you?
    as i was the one worket with you on the nfo for mp back on 2012 , i can make things more clear ...:rolleyes:
    as myvideo plugin is a buid-in plugin (witch mean on insulation of MP this plugin are in mp, and second my video plugin all the time was maintain and develop by MP team, this way we ask you for myvideo nfo style :)).

    you did not do anything wrong :rolleyes:
    it is very nice to see Tmm still alive and kicking (y) i use it every day...
    so big thank you for that :notworthy:.


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    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
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    sure I remember you ;) haven't heard from you for years..

    as soon as i get a confirmation, that the NFOs from above are working I can include that into the next release (which is probably the next week)


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    November 23, 2011
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    so, just tried to refactor the whole thing. I've exported the same movie one time in the new MP-Moving Pictures NFO format and one time in the new MP-MyVideo NFO format.

    would be happy if you guys could test it
    This worked perfectly for me in Moving Pictures . (y)(y)

    Edit: Just tried it with the built in Videos part of MP1 and it worked perfectly with that too.
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    September 23, 2013
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    Version 3.0.5
    + added a scraper for (thx @wjanes)
    + added an action to force deletion of all HTTP caches (on disk and in memory) #656
    + added changing of the movie edition to the movie bulk editor
    + added a custom note field for movies/TV shows/episodes
    + added unwanted files dialog for TV shows
    x show popupmenu from text fields on macOS #637
    x crash on startup if some images could not be loaded
    x catch more exceptions on file download #642
    x do not try to open dialogs on disconnected screens #640
    x delete subtitle archive after extracting #641
    x fix update data sources from Google Drive
    x correct date format style in files
    x when unable to load the database, start over with a new/clean one rather than not starting tmm
    x fixed loading of the colon replacement in the renamer settings
    x enhanced detection of valid NFO files #638
    x write the plot content to the outline field in the NFO #630
    x ImageCache must not crash tmm on exceptions #659
    x enabled to explicitly filter for empty values #660
    x refactored the MediaPortal NFO format into 2 new formats for enhanced compatibility: MP MyVideos and MP Moving Pictures
    x do not crash tmm on startup on incomplete settings #663
    x remove a custom genre in the bulk editor does not throw an exception any more
    x do not overwrite user ratings on scrape
    x better logging of errors in the OpenSubtitles scraper #633
    x fixed movie in a movie set filter


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    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
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    12.01.2020 - Version 3.1
    + added trailer support for TV shows
    + added experimental support for BluRay ISO reading
    + completely reworked scraper configuration: you now have a better control what scraper fetches/updates
    + support for named seasons
    + support for rendering animated gifs
    + support for movie set artwork style of Kodi v19
    + added a movie set artwork cleanup function (to rename/cleanup) the movie set artwork in the right naming scheme) #715 #694 #511
    + updated libmediainfo to 19.09
    + changed to nativefiledialog to avoid usage of JavaFX (better compatibility across different systems/Java versions)
    + visually enhanced the CheckComboBox
    + write the movie set/collection id as tmdbCollectionId for emby
    + added UPPER, lower and Title case renderer to the renamer. See our wiki for more information #680
    + added original title to the text search in TV shows
    + added updater script for command line #124
    + try to detect the season folder name by analyzing the episode filenames #699
    + added the new note field to the bulk editors
    + enabled sorting by multiple columns in the movie table
    + enabled writing of subtitles without language code #621
    + added file size to the renamer patterns #691
    + (Movies) added a bulk editor function to write the languages of the audio streams into the spoken language field #714
    + added an option to delete artwork from within the editor (movies, TV shows, episodes) #367
    + (Movies) added a new export template: DarkTemplate (thx @maxburon)
    + added a aspect ratio filter for common aspect ratios #644
    + IMDB: added option to scrape keywords (tags) #666
    + added regexp support in badwords
    + added navigation in the TV show tree by typing
    + added seasonXX-landscape naming scheme
    + (Linux) added an action to create a desktop entry in ~/.local/share/applications
    + added bahasa Indonesia to scraper languages #757
    x NFO: always write at least one id entry with default="true"
    x do not move episode files if the episode and season renamer patterns are empty #667
    x use temp files to create backups #678
    x more/better HDR format detection (you need to reload MediaInformation of your files!)
    x fix for writing Quicktime (Apple) trailers as .quicktime
    x added 1440p to the video formats (and some common 1440p resolutions to the detection) #686
    x changed date added logic: now it is configurable which date should be used #600
    x respect TV show bad words in the TV show update data source logic #692
    x do not rewrite NFO file, if nothing has changed #698
    x IMDb: parse release date from releaseinfo page too #697
    x fixed TV show tag filter
    x downgrade TVDB search result score when not receiving any year to compare
    x changed writing of the outline in the NFO. It is now configurable how the outline should be written #630 #683
    x enhanced movie renamer pattern validation #709 #705
    x moved export logic into thread to do not block the UI while exporting
    x IMDB: use the first found release date
    x TMDB: show all search results (not only the first 20)
    x TMDB: add season cast/crew to the episodes too
    x TMDB: clean search string (move The, ... to the front on search)
    x fixed scraping with scraper (API changes on their side)
    x updated the download missing artwork task to do a "light" cleanup of artwork files according to the settings
    x the rating in the details panel now updates correctly
    x fixed Youtube downloader
    x fixed scaper
    x do not open the image preview dialog multiple times #738
    x IMDB: fixed checking of IMDB id
    x parse plot/tagline from NFO respecting line breaks #742
    x allow choosing an episode of season 0 in the episode chooser
    x fixed exporting of artwork in the exporter under certain circumstances #756
    x (TMDB) pass full language tags to the API because of a bug at TMDB #708

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