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July 25, 2006
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There are no more TVWishes in MP-Database.
EPG-Search ended without Error, but no Wishes in MP-Database.


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  • January 22, 2014
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    I know the plugin listing on the webpage says that this is only compatible with versions up to 1.13 but has anyone been able to get it working with 1.15? I've been told I need to upgrade to solve an unrelated error and I'd really prefer not to lose the functionality this plugin offers.
    Sorry for the late reply. I am currently on MP 1.16 and it is working. It has worked on MP releases subsequent to 1.13. However, I only use the TV Server interface, therefore, I cannot say if the wish list client side component works.


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    November 14, 2011
    I just installed MP 1.16 and I need the skin for the default Skin (Titan) please.

    I had an old one but that does not work anymore. The newest one I could find did not work either....

    Thanks a lot!

    (Why is it not supporting defaults skins by the way?)


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    July 19, 2012
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    Is it possible to record only a specific season of a series e.g. season 6 of Hawaii Five-O and ignore all other seasons? I do not know how to enter it correctly?

    Thanks in advance for any help, LennyW


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    February 28, 2012
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    In Expert Mode:
    Episode Number
    This is a filter option for a specific Episode number. You can enter a number or an expression
    defined in the following format, where all expressions must be separated by a comma:
    1-3 will match for series or episode number 1,2 or 3
    +5 will match for all numbers larger or equal 5
    -3 will match for all numbers smaller or equal 3
    7 will match only for number 7
    A match is valid if within the expressions at least one condition is true e.g. 1-4, 6,+8 will match for
    all numbers besides 5 and 7.
    This option is only valid for MP1.1 or greater. In older versions it will be ignored.
    Series Number
    This is a filter option for a specific Series number. The same syntax as for Episode Number is used.

    Attached is the Manual that I got this from



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    November 20, 2015
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    Hey huha, I love your plugin just wondering when emailing the searches when there is a conflict, can the reason for the conflict also be added?


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    March 6, 2012
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    First I would like to say I think this is an excellent extension and provides a huge flexability in recording TV shows.

    I am using it with version on a server 1.16. Unfoirtunately as I use it quite intensively, I stumble upon some obstacles which might be a bug or I am just doing something wrong and hope for a feedback to help me out here. Some it happens to have recordings with the same TV show, like the following.

    So I thought it might have something to do with EPG changed date in the meanwhile and added record a second time. Sometimes a duplicate has even a differnt name according to the changed schedule or gets "Manual" as a recording name. So I investigated in the documentation a setting "Delete Changed EPG", which seems to improve the situation a little bit but it still happens to have a duplicate recording which did never happen when using the standard scheduler. Following the discussion in the thread about this setting and the plan to even remove this setting in a future version, I am confused about what to do. Can anybody give an advice?

    Anyway there is a second setting, which is not explained in the help "Wait For ComSkip Processes". What is the function?


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    December 17, 2008
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    It seems that TVWishlist is not working with 1.17. At Version 1.16 it did.
    Do we get TVWishList for 1.17?


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    July 13, 2008
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    I have TVWishlist running with 1.17 for some time now - no problems at all. I just upgraded and it worked as before.


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    December 17, 2008
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    Strange. At 1.17 TVWishlist has not been working. Yesterday I jumped back to 1.16 with a backup and at 1.16 TVWishlist is working.
    So I have to take a look what's wrong on my side with 1.17.

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