video_ts playback -> black screen after stop (1 Viewer)


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  • January 7, 2005
    Add too, and it will be perfect :) (after + issue will be fixed)
    Currently there are more open issues with that only that you mentioned. MPC developer has confirmed few issues (sorry, cannot remember currently what those were) and there weren't also any time schedule when those would be fixed on the filter side.


    1) TsReader needs to be fixed
    2) needs to be fixed

    before we can add to the MP distribution.


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  • December 26, 2004
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    I just want to ask if you plan to update continually?
    I am asking, becouse i have this filter in my SAF package.
    If MP team add newer vesion to every futher MP releases, i will remove from SAF.

    BTW: Do you plan to update "" too? There are FLAC support in new releases, lot of fixes, AAC, etc... Working great!
    latest versions of and are in svn now (from MPC project).
    we will keep an eye on them and update them if MPC releases new versions. :)
    That is good news !

    Add too, and it will be perfect :) (after + issue will be fixed)
    We will not add the h.264 filter before they fixed the open issues. :)


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    June 13, 2008
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    Thanks for info.

    I forgot one thing.
    I had problems using "" with Microsoft MPEG splitter (XPSP3 version) - no sound, so i am using "" from MPC-HC too.
    With this combination sound is fine, but i was not able to play ~11GB (and longer) MPEG2 recordings (picture freeze on first frame).
    Maybe this was fixed already, not sure about this.


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    November 6, 2008
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Thanks guys had this problem for a while & the register of the updated "" solved it as stated

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