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1. Esay customization for remote control keys. Assign application to the key.
2. TV tuner fine tunning.
3. TV channels sorting by channel number.

Thanks :D


Top 3

bono said:
My top 3:
1.) Make MP faster, i.e. when you watch a video the overlay controls are slow
2.) Support Technisat Airstar2
3.) Integrate Config in the MP GUI and let user change it without restarting MP
My 3 -

1 - config to enable the addition of Winamp playlists to My Playlists.
2 - As 3 above - Integrate Config in the MP GUI and let user change it without restarting MP
3 - Keep up the EXCELLENT work guys. :D

Some notes on the above requests-

1 - I have done some basic research on this and would be easy using \winamp\plugins\gen_ml.ini I would tackle this myself but I am sure that it would be a half hour exercise for the C guru's here and I specialise in VBA. (Gains me work at the moment.)

2- Not all config changes could be activated whilst in MP. A popup saying that a MP reboot would be required will satisfy 99% of users.

3 - There are multiple problems (mostly small) with MP BUT the constant work being done is accessable NOT like other $$$$$$$ alternatives.

Thanx's Guys


I have to break the rules a bit here.

1.Support for the xbox dvd remote

2.compatability with small devices and mp3 players: ipods, psp, pda's, ....

3.A working music player (on my system the music player always screws up)

4. more skins and each skin have color variations

5.Bluetooth support so that it could interface with a mini program on a palm or pocket pc.

6.built in nes, snes, and genises emulators

7.Scrolling sports scores.

8. auto updates


1- Support for timeshift with software cards
2- Support for recording and viewing (same channel) at same time for software cards
3- Better deinterlace metods for best picture quality, DScaler have much better quality than MP.

Thanks for your good job.


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November 30, 2004
1. Automatic Playlist generation in the Music Library depending on some user choices, such as Genre=Rock and Genre==Pop and Rating > 3
2. Support for remote control with PPC



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November 17, 2004
CodeMonkey said:
This is a lot more work than it sounds like for one very big reason ... no BDA driver for this card. I contacted Hauppauge about this some time ago and they responded that it would never have a BDA driver due to hardware incompatabilities. Without a BDA driver, native (i.e. at the driver level) support would have to be added as a special case in MP. I have one of these cards and as much as I would love to see it supported in MP, I don't think it is worth the work required.
They're almost certainly lying.... If the card is meant to perform the same basic function as any other, how could the hardware be "incompatible" with a driver written specifically for that card? Think about it in terms of Glide wrappers from the days of 3DFX, you can make any piece of hardware look like pretty much any other piece of hardware with similar features, but having to emulate each instruction in the driver COULD slow things down, but since the instruction set on the Nexus-S isn't likely to be TOO radically different, it's doubtful.


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  • February 16, 2005
    LastMar said:
    They're almost certainly lying....
    It is most likely an economical reason. Aver did this when they screwed all the 771 users. They could easily have release a BDA driver for this card but by not doing it they figure all the dumb users will have to buy the "new and improved" BDA compatible card. It's dodgy reasoning. Most users simply buy another card that works as it should and resolve to never buy from the original company again...


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    February 5, 2005
    Holbaek, Denmark
    1. Stability improvement of what we got in MP so far, without any one making new features for a while until MP is 100% stabile.

    2. Streaming capability so MP can stream live tv to an other PC.

    3. PIP function so you can watch an recording while have a small picture of live tv also.

    - sorry but i have one more.... :oops:
    4. Balloon tips for the menu icons, so people can se what the meaning is with a button before trying it......
    Many buttons looks different from one skin to an other.... try to think as if you was a new user and didn´t know the buttons.
    Or perhaps if your wife or kids should use the HTPC, they would preatty mutch be lost by the look of ome buttons.... :wink:


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    August 12, 2005
    hi everyone, i'm new to mediaportal and i'm really excited about the quality of the project. i looked around the web and could not find a better solution for htpcs. good work. keep it up.
    nevertheless i have two feature suggestions:

    1) remote control via wlan with a pocketpc/pda would be very cool.
    2) import of ant movie catalog databases

    i'm i little bit confused about the webinterface-plugin. is it right, that i could use a pocketpc (right now) to control my htpc/mediaportal via wlan. with a gui on the pocketpc, coverart and so on?


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