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1. Teletext support for analog TV.
.... aaaaannnddd, oh, i dunno... I'd be pretty happy with teletext working. :D


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  • February 23, 2005
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    pStar said:
    2) import of ant movie catalog databases
    There is a plugin for that already (maybe in the CVS and not in the last release).

    My #1 - I just want my DVDProfiler catalog database brought into MP.



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    bonemachine said:
    3. ATI Remote Wonder Built in support or a decent plugin
    There is at least two of these around. Please check the wiki for the one I am using (I think it's alright).

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  • August 7, 2005
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    To echo many people so far

    1. Speed/responsiveness.
    2. Configuration integrated with main application
    3. Stability

    Many people seem to be asking for new features, which is what the thread is about. However, the basics of Media Portal aren't quite ready yet. CPU usage in myTV is terrible. On a system running ShowShifter which can quite happily timeshift TV with around 20% CPU usage, MediaPortal hits 100% and still struggles and stutters. This is with a DVB card, so that in theory all it is doing is dumping an MPEG2 stream to disk and rendering it. I'm sure there's other stuff going on under the hood.

    I wish I had either the time or the knowledge to help, so don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Ijust feel that by adding more features, it probably makes the optimisation harder. I'd go for the core functionality and optimise the hell out of it. Media Portal definitely has the potential to be the best software in its class, but it needs to be snappy and efficient, not to mention totally intuitive.

    I haven't read all of the documentation, so that's my fault, but timeshifting doesn't seem very intuitive to me. Maybe it won't be such a problem when it's optimised to the point of responding quickly to every forward fast and rewind.

    One more request. A CVS changelog. It would be great to know what is being changed/worked on, and what the major priorities are for the developers. Maybe that would stop idiots like me posting possibly pointless requests.

    Thanks and best wishes to all,



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    August 7, 2005
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    1. Support SkyStar 1 (Sat Card)
    2. MultyLanguage support
    3. Show Lirics in mp3 file


    1. DVB-subtitle support (with language selection)
    2. Recording DVB-program to DVD with dvb-subtitles
    3. working EPG-language selection


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    August 19, 2005
    1. PiP - Picture in Picture
    2. Configuration integrated with main application
    3. Use mobile phone or PDA as remote control

    I'm new to MediaPortal and this is a wonderfull application. But i would love a PiP function. My programming skills in .NET and C# are good but my know how in directX is not so advanced.

    In the directX SDK there is a C++ example for a PiP function with multiple movies and VMR9.

    This weekend I will start looking in the MP source code. Maybe I can help you in development.


    option to change default sound card in music/video player

    great program!!
    I would like the option to change the default sound card in music player and video player, media portal wants to use my default sound card, even though windows media player 10 is set up for my second sound card
    -works on dvd, there is the option there....
    thanks :)

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