Xface Skin Version 1.7 for MP 1.0 final relase 22.12.2008 (1 Viewer)


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    Hi Harley,

    Would be good to know your plans for this skin. In my oppinion it's the best skin out there but it's falling behind a little in terms of plugins ie; Moving Pictures (xface version), TV series (new version supports fan art), etc.

    I know you're busy, so will you be continuing to support new plugins with Xface?


    Yes, will do that definitive. At the moment i´m realy busy with update work of Blue3 for upcomming 1.0.1 MP.
    But after that, i will do the work for xface also.

    Greetings harley :)


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    Yes, will do that definitive. At the moment i´m realy busy with update work of Blue3 for upcomming 1.0.1 MP.
    But after that, i will do the work for xface also.

    Greetings harley :)
    that'll make me so happy :D i've been trying to steal xml's from other skins so i can keep using xface

    All the popular plugins are changing so fast at the moment that it's hard to keep up, and since i only copy other peoples xml's I've no idea at all how you skinners manage.


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    Skinxface 1.7

    First i have to say it's very good looking skin!! Thanks
    second: I'm new to mediaportal and tried some of the skin here and this the one i want to use :)

    I've installed the complete folder xface1.7 into skin ( removed the other skins ...ie copied to "OLD " :) ), I've cleared the cache completely ( also copied to "OLD " and ofcourse placed them elsewhere outside mediaportal folder)

    I started upmediaportal with it's beautiful skin.......... Tries to play radio ( i see buttons etc and the right folder is used , where my .asx streams are!) ..no sound!! It's the same for MUSIC ...........no sound. Temporarly i use mouse insted of remote ( thats another story i've have to find out but an .imo file i already have)

    My questions are :

    What am i doing wrong?
    Do i have to edit some files? If Yes .......how do i do that and with which programm?
    Do i have to change something in configuration?
    Which plugins i have to enable ?

    Last : I really want to get the hang of it but i must say it isn't easy at all!! If someone can refer me to a site what tells me how to make or edit skins .........you're welcome!!

    Hope someone can get me in the right direction...........cause.........now i'm in the forest ( its a Dutch saying: zie door de bomen het bos niet meer :) ):confused:

    gr Niels


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    resolved for now :)

    I de installed all software mediportal AND Imon .
    Installed again Imon first, mediaportal second , skin xface 1.7 ............
    enabled minidisplay driver ( used vfd ???.dll to replace for imon , accpted this run mediaportal , closed it, imon closed, restarted htpc, .................run mediaportal.............. everythings works for now :) even my imonpad ( don't ask my why , cause thats all i did)

    I have a lot to learn about skins plugins en xml files etc etc!!

    Too bad the "how to's " are difficult to find, but you can't have everything easyy i guess :)

    gr Niels


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    I recently started with Mediaportal and one of the great things with MP is the fact that you can install your own skins. I really like dark skins and that is why I installed the Xface 1.7 plugin.

    But I have one problem with it: in the standard Video Editor plugin I have no slider bar. Is this a known bug? I really like this skin and I really want to keep it but I also need that slider bar :)


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    Recordings section is empty with last 1.0.1 based SVNs... Looking forward that update Harley. :) Xface should be main MP skin! I vote for that! :p



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    I've started to skin Moving Pictures for XFace, based on the great Blue3Wide skin by Diggen, but I rarely use it, so I'm giving up on it for now. Someone else think it's worth it, feel free to continue. :D Harley himself, perhaps?

    List view is working:

    Details needs some polishing perhaps:

    The rest of the views aren't completely done yet. So if you only use list view (like me) this is a pretty good start to get that XFace look for this great plugin.




    How can I install this plugning ... skin... ?¿?¿?

    Fanart. :D


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    How can I install this plugning ... skin... ?¿?¿?

    Fanart. :D
    Go to the plugins part of the forum and into Moving Pictures. Download the latest version 7.2 and install it. Set it up in the Configuration (your movie folders) and it will scan your movies and download FanArt, (for those movies that have it online) posters and movie info. For more info about Moving Pictures, read the readme after installation.

    Download the .zip-file I did in the thread you quoted and extract it into your XFace folder (making sure the .xml is in the XFace and the media files are in the Media folder).

    Delete your cache files for XFace from (win XP):
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Cache

    For Vista I'm not really sure but should be:
    C:\Users\Default\AppData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Cache

    Good luck!


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    Just to help out...

    The cache for Vista....

    C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Cache

    ProgramData being a hidden folder by default

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