MP2 - Spring'16 Unable to play Windows Media Center (WMC) Files (.wtv) (1 Viewer)


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June 6, 2016
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I recently installed Media Portal 2 Spring 16 on three computers.
"Living Room" is a server and client running on a fresh install of 64bit Windows 7 with the free Windows Update to 64bit Windows 10.
"Living Room" plays .wtv files.

"Bedroom" has just the client installed. It is a long standing 64bit Windows 7 with the free Windows Update to 64bit Windows 10.
"Kitchen" is a brand new machine with 64bit Windows 10 OEM and just the client installed. This was bought purely to replace the XBOX WMC Extender I used to use.

When I attempt to play one of my (hundreds of) legacy WMC .wtv files, both "Bedroom" and "Kitchen" fail to play and clicking the question mark icon (which is really easy to miss for a newbie) result in the message "There is no player registered to play Media Item '{insert_name_here}.wtv'".
I attach the log files for "Bedroom" since (a) I am submitting this report from it and (b) I used to view .wtv files using WMC from it before Microsoft stole WMC when I upgraded to Windows 10.

For information both "Bedroom" and "Kitchen" are able to play .wtv files using Windows Media Player.

Having read what posts I could find, I looked into the various Visual C++ x86 redistributables. All were present and correct but I have reproduced the problem having run repair on all of the versions as well as uninstalling and reinstalling from Microsoft downloads and reinstalling Media Portal 2 having uninstalled them - all to no avail.

As I said back at the beginning, the client and server installation "Living Room" (which never even ran WMC before it was upgraded to Windows 10) plays .wtv files as designed.

All of the clients are using the default setting of LAV codecs - I experimented with changing these but it made no difference.

Thanks in advance.



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    Thanks for posting logs in debug level (y)

    [2016-06-07 19:24:58,751] [27752 ] [AMQ 'PlayerContextManager'] [WARN ] - SlimTvPlayerBuilder: Error playing media item 'Resource '{e88e64a8-0233-4fdf-ba27-0b44c6a39ae9}:///E:/Media/Recorded TV/WMC/Celebrity Juice_ITV2_2016_05_12_22_00_00.wtv' at system '191efb58-c436-4a75-acbf-61b5e8deadb2'
    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004003): Invalid pointer

    at DirectShow.Helper.HRESULT.Throw()
    at MediaPortal.Plugins.SlimTv.Client.Player.WTVPlayer.AddSourceFilter()
    at MediaPortal.UI.Players.Video.BaseDXPlayer.SetMediaItem(IResourceLocator locator, String mediaItemTitle)
    at MediaPortal.Plugins.SlimTv.Client.Player.SlimTvPlayerBuilder.GetPlayer(MediaItem mediaItem)

    The error happens on creation of the playback graph, when the source filter gets loaded. I think for further diagnostics you need to run graphedit/graphstudio (32 bit) on your system and check if the automatic loading of the .wtv works there.


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    June 6, 2016
    Fareham Hampshire UK
    Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
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    Here is a screen shot from GraphEdit on "Bedroom"
    GraphEdit was able to play the file.

    This is from "Living Room" (the one that is ok).

    Sorry for the delay - I've been away.
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