1. B

    How to Search MP2 for Movies only in 7 day EPG that comes from the Antenna

    Hi, I hope you can help me. ISSUE: How to Search Media Portal 2 for Movies only. To search for them in the 7 day EPG that comes from the Antenna. PREVIOUS METHOD: In Media Portal 1, "Search > Search In Description" type in the year and Movies would appear. Thank you in advance for reading...
  2. J

    How to save recorded Movies and TV Series to sub-folders?

    We are using the MediaPortal 2 Server to record live TV movies and series, and Kodi as the client to view the recorded material. For scraping purposes, the Kodi library requires individual Movies and TV Series to be saved to sub-folders of the same name, with TV Series to have two levels of...
  3. hounddog

    How to get My Films working in MP 1.20

    Hi I have never used My Films before, but after finding it I think it would be just what I need as I use Media Center Master. I am sure it will work with it and would like to install it in the latest version of MP [1.20]. But it is incompatible and comes up with a dependency error. Is there a...
  4. A

    Mediaportal Carousal of Movie Covers

    Hi all, Sorry its probably really obvious. I havent used Mediaportal for about 10 years, but I am building a new HTPC as my partner struggled with Kodi. On Mediaportal 1 when you uploaded Movies you could have a carousal of the detected movie/tv series covers to choose from, but I cannot find...
  5. PrinzValium

    [solved] Movie got merged wrong & Series fanart is missing

    On Friday it was time for me to do a fresh installation on my HTPC and I wanted to upgrade to windows 10 anyway. So I decided to give MePo 2 a try once again. All my movies and series are stored on a server in the LAN. Movies each have a NFO file and fanart + poster. series each have NFO files...
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