1. Mr6686

    [solved] Titan skin broken since update to 1.23

    Hi, Since I update Mediaportal to 1.23, the Titan skin is broken. I checked the skin files and all are default ones (comparison between C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\Titan and exe files). With the hope that someone can help me (and I thinked...
  2. G

    Watching previous recordings while recording is in progress

    Recently, I had occasion to update the firmware of my HD HomeRun PRIME to the most recent version. Also, Windows 10 automatically installed an update or two. As a result, any time I attempt to watch a previous recording when a scheduled recording is in progress, I get a warning that the...
  3. high

    Forum style update & Attachment cleanup <=31.12.2014

    As you may have noticed, we updated the forum-style here last night after it became clear that the old one has too many flaws in several areas to be fixed. Especially the mobile view was affected by that. Not that much changes elsewhere (mostly minor restyling) so i guess you figured them out...
  4. M

    [Help Us!] RTSP streaming library update

    Hello everybody Introduction Over the past couple of months we've been working hard to update the RTSP streaming library (LIVE555) used by various MediaPortal and TV Server components: TsReader - MPEG 2 TS (transport stream) demultiplexer, used by MediaPortal to enable viewing and...
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