Does MediaPortal need a different name? (1 Viewer)

Does MediaPortal need a different name?

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    Some people do not like the way the name was chosen.
    Therefor we wanna know what you all think.

    After this we can choose a diff name.
    If the new name really feels much better we can always change.


    It would be easier to decide on the necessity of a name change if we had some alternatives to choose from. Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions though. :)


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    Isn't Mediaportal a registered trademark?
    I've found a multimedia pc and a Communications portal with this name just searching two mnutes on google.


    "Micro boX media center " could be a better name but media portal will do fine atm :lol:


    "Home Computer Media Center" HCMC
    "Home Media Center" HMC
    "Hightech Media Center" HMC
    "High Performance Media Center" HPMC

    Well, i dont know...but if it is going to change it should change to something more similar the original name XboxMediaCenter.
    It's where it comes from anyway.
    There should be a connection in the name.

    Great Work! :D


    The name is good IMHO, unless there is a problem with another project with the same name doing the same thing.


    I think the name is fine and shouldn't be changed. u moms


    wtf is a media portal? i think it should be called u moms portal, cause i use that portal every night.

    oh, and btw, u moms
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