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August 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NL
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Radio Buttons
I'm trying to create an installer which allows the user to select one of several predefined CustomInputDefault files (currently only 2 presets are available, but other ones may be added in the future). As I've read in this thread, the 'Setup Complete' section allows up to 7 radio buttons to be shown, which seems suitable for my purpose.

However, I cannot get this to work. When selecting the first radio button, files are installed correctly. When selecting the second radio button, the group that corresponds to this radio button is not installed. Am I doing something wrong?

I've created 3 file groups; Default, Remote_Generic and Remote_SPresso. Group 'Default' has 'Default selected' checked, the other ones not. As the second install section I have a 'Setup Complete' section with both Remote_* groups listed; these are correctly shown as radio buttons. In the 'Install Section' I have listed all groups, together with an 'Install Files' action.

The xmp2 file can be found at SourceForge.net Repository - [mp-plugins] Contents of /trunk/plugins/KeyboardInputPlugin/MPE/KeyboardInputPlugin.xmp2

Update: Maybe I'm wrong, but after a quick look at the sources for MPE it seems to me that only the first radio button/check box in the 'Setup Complete' section has an event handler attached...

Some other things I noticed
Following are some things that I noticed while using MPE maker; maybe these can be improved in an upcoming version:

  1. Apparently you cannot use placeholders (e.g. [Name]) in the Update URL field. It would be nice if you could...
    Can you please remove the update URL that I published to http://install.team-mediaportal.com/MPEI/extensions.txt? that contains the [Name] tag? :oops:
  2. Placeholders in the Online Location field are replaced by the actual values when saving the xmp2 file. This means that if for example you have [Version] included in the Online Location field and later update the version number, the Online Location will still contain the old version number as it now has the version 'hardcoded' instead of a placeholder.


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  • August 5, 2006
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    I have a very simple task I'm trying to acomplish. I've got three different styled TV-logos. The user should be able to select among the three and the corresponding .png files should be copied to the thumbs folder and that's it. It seems the process is not very straight forward using MpeMaker. I could use some help and also got some improvement suggestions.

    1. Do I need to download mpeInstaller.zip or is it now included in 1.1.0? Perhaps this information could be added to the first post to assist new users.

    2. I started MpeMaker, clicked around without changing anything, but when closing I get a warning that all changes will be lost. I think the program should help the users who forget to click Save - not confuse them. Is it possible to show this warning only if there actually been any changes done to the project?

    3. General Informations/Extension Informations: I added my Extension description, This version description and clicked Save. It all looks good until I open the project again at a later occation. Now it looks all messed up (but it turns out that just the new lines disappeared). If you need to remove all new lines could you instead do it as the user type or when saving?

    4. Setup/Groups & Files: I added two more groups but when trying to change Display name they are still called Default, Group 1 and Group 2. Even after saving and reopening the project. How do I rename the groups?

    5. Setup/Groups & Files: I added my files (155 files to each group) using the Add files button and all defaults to %Base% as Install location. No problem, I'll just change them to %Thumbs%\tv\logos. The problem is that Install location gets greyed out when selecting two or more files which means I'd have to do it one bye one, 465 times. Could it be possible to select multiple files and change Install type, Update Option and Install location?

    6. Setup/Groups & Files: Next, I selected the group instead and changed the Install location there in hope that it also update all files in the group. At first it looks like it didn't work since all files still are named %Base% but after looking closer it seems to have updated the files after all. Perhaps the file list displayed should also update after clicking Set to avoid confusion?

    7. Small useability issue regarding the Know path templates (Select double click) window that opens when setting Install location. Its initial size is just a little bit to small which means the user has to resize it everytime it opens (since the window size is not remembered). Also the title sounds a bit strange. Perhaps we could change it to "Path templates (double click to select)" or similar?

    8. Setup/Groups & Files: Wise from my previous mistake I'm now about to set the Install location for the next group of files before adding them to the group. But Install location is grayed out again after selecting Group #2 and the File tab. Wouldn't it make sense to be able to set the group's install location before adding files?

    9. Setup/Groups & Files: The Update Option of the File tab is also somewhat confusing. The options are: Newer overwrite, Always overwrite and Overwrite if older. You should consider using other terms to replace Newer/Always since it's easy to confuse with Never/Always. Also I don't see when I'd like to Overwrite if older. Or perhaps it means to overwrite if the target file already exists and is older which means that Newer overwrite would be Never overwrite after all...? Perhaps the options should instead be Overwrite: Always, Never or If newer.

    10. Setup/Install sections bug: Down arrow changes position when the window is resized but up arrow doesn't.

    11. Setup/Install sections: I learned from this thread that I have to customize a Setup Complete screen to let the user choose between more than two radio buttons. I would never have guessed it so perhaps we could improve things by upgrading the Image Radio button Section or create a pre customized Setup Complete section and call it Radio button Section? It could save new users some time.

    12. Setup/Install sections/Setup Complete screen: It looks like it's always the last radio button that is selected by default. I tried to change it by checking Default selected for only one group but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Perhaps this checkbox means something else?

    13. Before I build the package I wanted to move my files from the temporary directory to another location but this makes MpeMaker crash when trying to open the .xmp2 file.

    14. Setup/Install sections/Install section: In the Actions tab I selected InstallFiles and click Edit Action (small typo: "Befor Wizard Screen Show" should be "Before" and "Install all files witch have group selected" should be "which"). My question here is what to select in Condition group. I want the installer to copy the files of the group that was selected. Can I leave it blank or do I need to create one InstallFiles action for every group? I selected Default group and then built the package. When running the .mpe1 file it now seems that two groups are installed and I end up with files from the last group in my tv logo folder (it doesn't matter which radio button I select). I rebuild the package with InstallFiles changed to Group 1 but that makes all three radio buttons copy no files at all. Any ideas?​

    Sorry for the long post. I realize that most issues are trivial can be worked around by trial and error but if stuff like this could be fixed or clarified we could save lots of documentation and new users like me could start creating installers without having to request help :)



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    February 27, 2009
    Sweden Sweden
    I have a problem where uninstalling my plugin doesn't remove all installed files. It leaves a file called AxisCameras.dll, which contains the implementation of ISetupForm which makes MP believe the plugin still is installed. When investigating the following folder:

    %allusersprofile%\Application Data\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Installer\V2\7295daa1-612d-4896-8672-443bd5ce5ba0\\BackUp\%Base%\Plugins\Windows

    I see AxisCameras.dll. Can you please describe in what situation a file is backed up, and also how this is affecting the uninstallation?


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  • August 7, 2007
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    Dependencies section says "Current version: 1.1.27644.6" for Mediaportal which is very confusing since I think it should be "".

    Also, Min Version and Max Version settings expect this "wrong format".


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  • April 2, 2008
    Denmark Denmark
    Installing fonts with this installer doesn't work. So don't use it if you want to install a skin with custom fonts (fonts not already installed). I don't think the extension installer will be accepted as the standard tool for MP skins, as long as this major bug remains. People will use all kinds of installers and end up making a mess. Just my 2 cents.


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  • January 7, 2005
    Installing fonts with this installer doesn't work. So don't use it.
    Isn't that a bit harsh? Also the recommendation not to use something is a bit off, there are lot of stuff (plugins for example) that couldn't care less about the fonts in general.

    What comes to the font installation bug it definitely should be fixed - it is currently blocking issue for majority of skins for adopting the installer.


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  • April 2, 2008
    Denmark Denmark
    Installing fonts with this installer doesn't work. So don't use it.
    Isn't that a bit harsh? Also the recommendation not to use something is a bit off, there are lot of stuff (plugins for example) that couldn't care less about the fonts in general.

    What comes to the font installation bug it definitely should be fixed - it is currently blocking issue for majority of skins for adopting the installer.
    I tried pointing out the issue twice in this thread already. My troubles with the installer is only when using it to prepare a skin, I should probably have made this clearer. Sorry...


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  • September 28, 2006
    Milano, Italy
    Italy Italy
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    Mate, I fixed the font issue long time ago and is working fine for many. Please let me know what issue you have and attach a log.

    BTW, you may want to ask Tgx who is now using it happly ;)


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