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    I have a feeling you're going to be very popular Pnyberg! Nice work.


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    :D for the feedback!

    Since I'm rather new to MP I've been browsing rather much through this forum - and catched up some knowledge from all of you guys in this forum regarding Codecs, DVB etc which have saved me a bunch of hours getting my MP running.
    So I thought I should share the knowledge I have about windows "internal" doings.


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    September 8, 2006
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    Hi there... Sorry to register just to ask for help, but...I'm getting desperate :sorry:

    1) I was happy to see I wasn't alone to have a "dead" keyboard (I'm using XP Pro)

    2) I tried using the zip archive, copied the .sys files to the correct locations then...nothing....keyboard dead still...Well, only ONE key works, and it's the SLEEP (puts PC in hibernate state, great :mad: )

    3) I was puzzled to see that all the related drivers in the peripheral panel details showed as version 2600.2180, whereas the .inf and .sys files showed as 2600.2709...Out of despair ("nothing to lose! :confused: ), I tried replacing the C:\WINDOWS\inf (2180) files by the zip archive ones (2709). There was a change as winblows began recognizing various keyboard related stuff (I can do a screenshot but I finally shut down my other PC, out of rage)....

    This is the most insane, shittiest driver issue I've had....and with the 1st Micro$oft hardware I bough :mad:

    Next thing I plan to do is a voodoo dance around a wrecked keyboard. Any ideas are welcome :mad:


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    September 22, 2006
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    Hello, before nothing to pardon English the so bad one that I write. I have followed the instructions to install keyboard MCE in Windows XP Professional in Spanish language. But it does not work. I have one doubts. I copy the Rollup to driver to installer and I decompress it. Tengo to do something with those files. I have copied hidir.sys " and “irbus.sys” in \ dllcache and \ drivers. I need to do something more? Thanks.

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    if reboot not worked, then try using update driver option, in device manager\usb controllers\ehome receiver.

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