Is this still under support ? (2 Viewers)


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January 2, 2013
United States of America United States of America
Does anyone know if this Netflix player still under support? I installed it today tried to authorized my account and got this error failed to locate microsoft.mshtml version=7.0.3300.0


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September 30, 2007
United States of America United States of America
I would also like to know if this plug will gain any leg.
Can this plug PLEASE be updated ASAP by a reputable dev?
I'm surprised that this plug isn't being actively supported and updated on a normal basis for MePo 1.5.0, being that a big percentage of people today do use "NETFLIX".
Go figure.



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  • January 26, 2013
    Netherlands Netherlands
    I'm also waiting impatiently for Netflix support in Mediaportal. (Europe - The Netherlands)

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