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December 1, 2008
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the major one doesn't start MediaPortal after an S3 resume (using the powerbutton on my remote, not using any powerscheduler plugins), I had to create my own trigger in the Task Scheduler to let MP start again (see screenie).

sigh, reinstalled my friend's HTPC as well (exact same hardware, but with Nvidia gfx instead of ATI) and his MediaPortal DOES resume after a S3 standby :confused:

the difference is that his MediaPortal isn't beeing closed when entering standby mode, because when resuming from standby the last screen that was open is beeing showed on his screen for a couple of seconds, than MediaPortal is beeing closed and restarted.

my MediaPortal is already beeing closed before entering standby mode.

one other thing (don't have the logs yet, I could collect them this afternoon) is that his Volume Control did work for a couple of hours, but maybe because we've played around with the volume settings it isn't possible anymore to set the Volume Control to Wave, it's changing back to Master everytime I hit the OK button in the MediaPortal Configuration :confused:

with the control beeing locked to Master, changing the volume (or mute) on the remote control doesn't do anything at all (besides playing a sound it received a signal from the remote control tho), but doesn't show the on screen Volume bar or Mute picture.

he's using a Philips 5100 (with usb "dongle") remote control, configured as a Microsoft MCE Remote (I'm using a normal MCE Remote with the IRTrans option).

the last thing is when he plays a movie, with Moving Pictures, for a while, stops the movie (and so gets back to the movie list) and selects the movie again (with the resume option) everything is frozen for 5 to 10 seconds before the movie resumes again.


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  • June 17, 2008
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    finaly I've got a set of logs after a crash while watching TV!

    It happens after while watching TV. It seems to happen more often after reducing timeshift buffer?!

    With svn-02-28-2009--00-07-Rev21813 I have no crashes!


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  • December 5, 2004
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    Important information for debugging TV issues mentioned below


    just changed my Mediaportal.xml to hold the following entries in the tvservice section:
    <entry name="usertsp">no</entry>
    <entry name="recordingpath">H:\MediaPortal\Recordings</entry>
    <entry name="timeshiftingpath">T:\</entry>

    Guess what....

    B. Analog TV (multiseat)
    1. start TV
    2. no picture
    3. wait....wait.....
    4. Crash of MP
    5. logs attached
    Works, did all kind of tests, channel switching, works perfectly, when reverting the settings in mediaportal.xml: 1st try: crash!

    A. Analog Radio (multiseat)
    1. start radio
    2. radio start to play
    3. memory usage of MP keeps rising until out of memory
    4. crash of MP
    5. logs attached
    Same problem, although log shows that connection is now made through T: (which works for TV), memory usage increases very rapid until Mediaportal crashes. I noticed that when I press pause the memory stops increasing until I press pause again...

    C. Playing Recorded TV (multiseat)
    1. goto My TV
    2. goto recorded tv
    3. start recording
    4. screen flickers and return to recorded TV menu
    5. select different recording
    6. same
    7. exit MP
    8. logs attached
    Still doesn't work, but now I get an MP dialog error on screen saying: "unable to play:" <filename>, "Audio codec:" <empty>

    Hope this helps narrow it down.

    Also noticed that LastFM does not have a graph when playing (connect to remote graph shows no graph)?



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  • December 7, 2005
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    WOW what a performance improvements here!!! Even with a 2.2Ghz C2D and 2GB mem!!! VERY VERY VERY impressed! Well done Devs! :D:D:D




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    March 5, 2009
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    Works real nice here with a pentium 4 3,2ghz on windws seven and eight dvb-t tuners. I like the improvements of the gui!


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    January 12, 2008
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    Well it seems the freeze up problem I am having after launching external programs twice... is from Moving Pictures (the one included with the newest StreamMP). If i disable Moving Pictures..the problem is gone...

    Hope I can solve it...cause this is now my only problem with this SVN...

    I checked this problem with the older skin and moving pictures and it still the problem is most likely in Media Portal...

    I hope i attached the right logs

    I got around my subtitle issue, by disabling subtitles in the Videos section and adding directvobsub in the Post Processing in the Videos section (like I used to have to do on older version of MP... Now they are disabled by default and I can enable them when i want... not an ideal solution...but it works.


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  • August 18, 2007
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    Works real nice here with a pentium 4 3,2ghz on windws seven and eight dvb-t tuners. I like the improvements of the gui!

    wow !!! you must not loose any tvshow in any channel. good to hear that its working good with such a setup.


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    November 24, 2007
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    Comparing to previous build tv zapping is very slow (windows xp mce). But GUI graphics is realy faster and smoother.


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  • August 25, 2006
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    Incredible work devs!



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    July 25, 2007
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    not sure if it's the right place or maybe it should have been reported to the plugin devs instead.... but here goes...

    clean install + SVN and using B&W 1080p skin (SVN), Moving-Pictures (SVN) and TV-Series (SVN), MediaPortal suddenly stops...

    I can use all the native plugins like always, but when it comes to Moving-Pictures and TV-Series it stops with windows reporting "the program stopped working"...

    The log doesn't seem to give a clue (not to me anyway :) ), but in the "eventlog" I can see a reference to fontengine.dll, hence why I report it here...

    I removed all logs and cleared the cache before reproducing the error and then collected the logs using "MP Logs Collector"

    My specs are in my profile and the left (if needed?)


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