MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot:-10-31-2008 23-41h - Revision:20683.rar (1 Viewer)


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  • January 7, 2005
    Thought I'd mention this but this SVN does in fact include Blue 3 Wide. Enjoy. :D
    Is there a link to download blue3 wide separately? I'd like to move to blue3 wide without installing the latest SVN. Or perhaps this isn't a good idea?
    Falls into the category "not so good idea" :)


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    March 6, 2007
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    OK This is weird, up until now I have never had any trouble with Cybrdisplay (correct spelling now) but after this SVN it is definitely dead! I have tried the old trick of making sure that the Imon software has run and controlled the display, but to no avail no matter what I do I have a blank display whilst MP is running, but it works fine from the Imon software so it must be something in this SVN that has broken it.


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  • October 11, 2005
    Germany Germany
    For the ones having problems with recordings (and in general everybody else ;) ) please attach logs to your posts.

    I've experienced recording issues myself but couldn't reproduce them unfortunately.

    The intention is that there are about 4 ways or maybe more (I'm doing this from the top of my head, so work with me on this one a bit) to stop recordings....but only 2 work...and if you don't follow the exact steps, these also don't work. Is one of the devs working on this? I can't find any bugreports about it...

    1. 1. Watching tv fullscreen while the channel is recording (planned) and hitting the record button to stop the recording doesn't work (recording starts again immediately)
    2. 2. Going to 'active recordings' in the main tv screen, going to and hitting the recording you want to stop DOES WORK...if you hit 'Yes' right away. If you hit 'No' there and then hit the same recording again and you hit 'Yes' this time, it doesn't work anymore!
    3. 3. Going to the active recording in 'planned recordings' and hitting the button 'stop recording' doesn't work (recording starts again immediately). The same happens when going to an active recording in 'recordings'.
    4. 4. Going to the active recording in 'planned recordings' and then going to the recording you want to stop first and hitting ok on it DOES WORK...if you hit 'Yes' right away. If you hit 'No' there and then hit the same recording again and you hit 'Yes' this time, it doesn't work anymore, just like what happens with point 2.
    I couldn't reproduce one of this issues.


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  • April 20, 2008
    Finland Finland
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    but I realised the clock isn't anymore in 24h format.
    this happens on some of my clients!!?? could it be related to language version of XP?

    I've just added a setting to the home plugin to switch the display of seconds on or off.

    The problem isn't just the seconds but rather the 12h AM/PM clock instead of the 24h which is was before svn rev 20628. Before the changes CultureInfo.CurrentCulture was used and now CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture is used.



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  • April 15, 2007
    Switzerland Switzerland
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    Is it just me, or do others also find this version to be more subject ot judder (both "live" and recorded TV)?


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  • June 17, 2007
    Switzerland Switzerland
    Small thing noticed, if i go to the mini tv guide (enter key in tv full screen) the clock stops running...

    can i hide the seconds from the clock, its a bit nervous?



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  • December 14, 2007
    Canada Canada
    Anyone seen a mytvseries skin for blue3wide? Can't seem to get it working.


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    May 9, 2008
    Poland Poland
    Is it just me, or do others also find this version to be more subject ot judder (both "live" and recorded TV)?

    same on my side. TV seems to stutter and furthermore, watching HD Videos (CoreAVC 1.8) stutter after some time really bad and CPU load isn't even at 70%... very strange never had this problems before. Other Players e.g. Zoom Player and Mediaplayers play the same video content without any stutter very smooth as before. So that can't be my machine setup (didn't even change since I've started this year in april with MP.

    Has anybody else this problems?

    Regards ARE2

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