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May 23, 2010
for some reason on i have Ghost Busters and "Ghostbusters" as well as The Godfather, Godfather and The Godfather: Part II listed. although my moving pictures does not have "Ghostbusters" or Godfather in it. No matter how many times I resync it will not correct itself. Also it seems the website is really slow lately, sometimes taking almost 30 seconds to load.
My suggestion would be to remove the curious movies from your follwit collection (unclick "have it" on the movie page), and then perform a resync. If they show up in your collection again, one of the movies you have in your htpc collection is incorrectly being associated with it.

Matching is done in three ways
1) by resource ids (imdb, moviedb, etc)
2) by file hash
3) by title + runtime or title + year

If you do what i said above, I can determine how these movies in your collection are being matched, to hopefully help narrow down the reason.

And we are aware of the performance issues, and we're working on it. Sorry, growing pains :D
Just did it and they got re-added.


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    hi i recently updated to mp 1.20 beta and installed the moving pictures plugin and tv series plugin

    the sig below(as u can see) draws from the same database? whereas before one was for moving pics and one was for my tv series

    is there something i did wrong?


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    Maybe you enabled in tvseries configuration...thats the only way you are going to get tvseries support in Simiarly, if you have movingpictures enabled in traktplugin you will get movies in that.


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    Hi guys, i want to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put into this project. I also have a feature request.
    Now that more 3D movies are released is it possible to detect them (Side by Side / Above - Under etc) and give them a mark on the screen just like codec/audio/subtitles used etc? So that we can distinguish 3D movies from 2D movies?


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    December 9, 2008
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    i have a question regards

    I have built a new HTPC and start a new movie collection.

    Now, in my ney HTPC with a clean intall off MP and MoPi, i only have some movies. But when a synchronize with, it add this new movies to my old collection, but not delete my old ones.

    My movies in MoPi shouldn't be the same as the

    Is there a way to clean all my Movies/TV Series in and start all over? And when i delete a movie um MoPi, than synchronize with, the movie will be delete from


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