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October 3, 2006
Finland Finland
Hi Aaron!


Version: SVN Build 12541 (07.01.2007 / 8:21 CET)


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December 4, 2006
Norway Norway
Hi Aaron!

-Doesn't work with latest SVN. Not compatible with current version....
-Ver. 1.0.1:"Different remote" and "Blaster"does not work with the supplied mceir.dll, but does work with the mceir.dll.original.
-Recording engine doesn't change channel on STB.

Keep up the good work. This plugin sure makes MP more flexible and better than MCE.
The plugin is great. I only wish that recording engine could change channel on my STB. And last but not least, installed Vista yet?


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December 29, 2006
Norway Norway
Ive just tried it in Vista Ultimate, released version. The remote seems completely dead. Installed a fresh copy of, and the plugin version 1.0.1 test. The "normal" driver, before installation of the replacement driver, worked ok.

Another problem ive not seen before, was that the window for Configuration of the plugin, was just not big enoug and i couldnt change the size of it. Because of this, i couldnt see the bottom row of buttons, just a little bit of the top of them. This was true even for windows opened by clicking buttons inside the configuration window.

Anyone else tried this plugin in Vista? I've just finished testing the Vista Media Center, looks great and works well, but still feels the Media Portal is the way to go, so I reeeeally want everything to work.. :)


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  • March 7, 2005
    Australia Australia

    Thanks, I'll switch back to the original mceir.dll.

    I'm still waiting for a patch to go into SVN that will fix the scheduler not changing channel on your STB ... When that goes in I will compile for that SVN and put it up as a new test version. I don't want to keep chasing the SVN updates because it seems a lot of things are changing at the moment.

    Unfortunately I haven't had time to install Vista yet, and I'm now going away for a week.

    And I've also spent a lot of time I could have been developing the plugin playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on my new Wii :) But I've finished it now, so it's back to the plugin ... In a week.

    Tolmor: I'll make the windows resizable in the next test version. Thanks for the feedback.



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    January 5, 2007
    Norway Norway
    I have tried the 1.0.1 test plugin with TV Engine 3 and the original mceir.dll. I have to close the plugin between each button learned, if not the message "learned it" appears immediately without waiting for input. After discovering this, the plugin is working fine.


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    April 5, 2006
    I just cannot get this to work.
    It was working on a previous release, but it just stopped working (see post #314).
    I was using What would happen is that when learning the remote code, I'd click 'learn', press the remote button & it wouldn't learn it. It would just time-out & the blaster wouldn't blink when clicking test. If I held the remote button, it appeared to learn it when it timed out since pressing test would cause the blaster to blink, but the stb wouldn't respond. In MyTV, the blaster would blink, but, again, the stb wouldn't respond. Everything else works perfectly.
    I upgraded to stable last night & I'm getting the same behaviour. I've used the stb's original remotee, my Harmony remote, with the pot lights on, the pot lights off & moving the MCE remote receiver around, but with no luck.
    I don't want to bother with the TV Engine, since I think I'd get the same result. What about HIP? Not that I really want to try that either.


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    April 11, 2006
    MCEReplacementTray.exe throws messsages


    Just applied Test version 1.0.1 on 0.2.2/12587 and replaced my MCEReplacementTray.exe, apparently you never replaced this exe file in test zip, but you made it available for me in #326 , its no longer there ?

    Can you make it available again ?

    Thanks Helge


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    September 21, 2006
    Canada Canada
    I've got the external channel changer working with MP 0.2.2. THANK YOU!!!!!

    When I change channels by selecting the show from the guide, the channel changes and the info below the picture is accurate for the new channel and show description

    BUT .... when I change the channel by punching in the three numbers on the remote, the channel changes properly, but the description and channel number shown below the picture does not change. The same happens with programs that are on future recording ... right show but wrong description if it had to change channels.

    Anyone else seeing this? Is it a problem with the plugin or is it something in the stable version of 0.2.2? I'm not using SVNs.



    Daniel Nyber

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    January 1, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    Still no STB control solution

    I have set my new HTPC up (MP Everything looks good except one thing:
    I cant control my external STB with help of my irBlaster.

    MCE remote v2
    STB: Samsung DTB - 9401V



    When I try to learn STB IR codes it looks ok. But when I try to test them, the ir diod blinking but the STB dont respond on the signal. I have tried with several other remotes also (CD, DVD, AMP, TV) and all of them works ok. I have tried with My Blaster, and with that all of the STB ir codes works OK.



    I started with the plugin my Blaster, this was able to record my STB ir code and send it to the STB - OK. But while running MP and trying to change chanel nothing happend. I gave up after a while.

    Then I started to test MCE Replacement Plugin, wich seams to bee everything I was looking for.
    Tried to learn the STB IR codes and everything worked OK. My STB respond on channel change in MP, as it supposed to do. I restarted my HTPC to make sure that it worked after a restart, and it still was OK.
    Happy to overcome the last MP installation problem, i turn the computer off and went to bed.
    When I started HTPC the next morning the STB was not respondning to any channel change. I try to test each of the ir codes in the "config dialog" but the STB don't respond (even if the ir diod flashes).
    I have tried in about 10 hours to get it working again, but with no luck. Now I have the same problem as others do.

    Tested the version on the "download plugin" site and the "Test v.1.0.1" I get the same result with both.
    Several simular problems starts on:
    After reading trough all messages in this Thread, this is a problem that never been solved (I think).


    Best regards
    Daniel Nyberg, SWE

    Daniel Nyber

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    January 1, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    Useful information for trouble shooting this plugin

    I have tried MCE replace plugin with some trouble (see above).

    Now I have figured out I way to go around the problem, (at least until you turn the power down).

    1. Use WinXP:s own driver for USB IR-blaster.(if you don't, you can't do the next step).
    2. Use the MyBlaster plugin to make a Ir recording and then test to play it inside Blaster.exe. (It is not enough only to open and record a ir code with the blaster.exe file. I think it has something to do with the way irBlaster play the ir codes. Maby it sets the MCE ir in another mode to play commands correct, that's my guess anyway).

    There are two downsides with this method:
    1. It will only work until you power it down. After a power down/up sequence, you have to use MyBlaster plugin once, before MCE replacement works again.
    2. I can't use mceir.inf as driver for the MCE blaster (then plugin MyBlaster don't work). Due to that I have "double steps" for every pressing on step down/up buttons on my MCE remote.

    This have to be wery useful information for a developer of this plugin, as it can do it possible to understand and fix this problem.

    Daniel Nyberg
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