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Do you need weather information as standard

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  • June 13, 2005
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    Hello All

    We are currently looking at returning weather back as part of the MediaPortal install, this should show fairly basic information for your locality, so added a poll to know if you consider this a worthwhile feature by default.

    Please note, there are currently optional plugins to do this exact thing, would you be actively hunting these down, as I said we need all the feedback we can get regarding this.

    In DefaultWide this would look like


    Just to be clear, this project will be done by Micropolis who very kindly offered us a "easy setup" version of worldweather without the bells and whistles, but should have ip lookup for your locality, or manual city\town name search within the GUI as a backup, using different providers and will be kept outside the MediaPortal releases.

    This of course is easily upgradeable to the fullblown WorldWeather plugin, if a user likes the more advanced features.


    Update before I close this Topic, as it is now in construction stage.

    WorldWeatherLite is coming along very nicely thanks to Micropolis, ip detection seems to work and picks up the main local City (the way ip lookup works, you would be very lucky to get exact match), plus integrated Town search from gui, must say it really is looking pretty cool, but he is not finished yet.

    Will announce when we get an Area51 version for you all to test, really looking forward to getting this back into MP, upgrading to the fullblown WorldWeather version should not be a hassle for those people who enjoy all the bells and whistles :D
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  • July 19, 2005
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    Well kids like the weather plugin so it would be nice to have it as a part of the install, but usually i just use my windows & look out to check it :D



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    September 3, 2011
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    I would definitely appreciate an out-of-the-box weather outlook.
    Integrated stuff is always better than additional plugins.


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  • December 21, 2005
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    I prefer the homescreen to be informative, as it is on most of the time (w or wo media playback), so I'm all for getting weather back in the "package" as I don't really need any more advanced...


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    September 3, 2006
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    If the API (XML's or whatever) were able to allow a plugin to put the weather on the home screen like in the sample image then I suggest allowing a plugin to do it. If people really want it out-of-the-box, then perhaps a basic plugin could be included in the install.

    My reason for suggesting a plugin is that not all weather services cater to all parts of the globe equally, AND they seem to have a habit of changing or disappearing. We do not want to have to wait for a new MP release to fix a broken weather service.


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    March 27, 2010
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    I'm all for it, as long as there is a plan in place in regards to the #4th post.


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  • July 27, 2007
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    I live in Yorkshire - we can get all four seasons on the same day.
    You haven't seen anything like it when it's raining Ferrets and Sheep ;)
    It's invaluable here :)
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  • November 26, 2006
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    I voted yes but I would be happy with a 'basic' version of World Weather as well that can be installed and updated separately like LAV filters, Titan Extended etc.

    IF MPEM redesign is successful (see Future of MP Extensions - Design Concept) I think this option becomes far more attractive/usable.

    Is it OK I voted? Or is it only for 'newcomers'? :p
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