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    not at all what im trying to achieve
    Okay, well if we're going to proceed, you're going to need to help me understand a bit more about the 2 specific points I raised.


    1. Why do you say that you need one tuner per channel?
    Even if I assume you have some legitimate reason for that, the practicalities become important. In other words, I have no idea how you're going to assemble a MediaPortal system that has 80 tuners:
    1. There's the issue of being able to connect 80 tuners to a single PC in play. At best, you can only get 2 analog tuners per PCIe card. A full sized standard ATX motherboard only has up to 7 PCIe slots. That gets you to 14 tuners. I really doubt the capability of a PC to handle 66 USB tuners with any level of stability.
    2. If you're using tuners that require software encoders, there's the question of how will a single PC - particularly the CPU - cope with encoding 80 streams at a time. In my experience, software encoding for a single stream can take between 10 and 50% of a CPU's capacity. Based on that information, the maths for 80 streams just doesn't work.
    3. On top of that is the question of a storage system (SSD or hard disks) that can cope with writing 80 simultaneous streams.
    When you consider these 3 points together, I'm doubtful that what you've said you want to do is practically possible with MediaPortal. That's why I ask the question.

    2. Where does the internet come into your solution?
    I could roughly say that what I understand your solution to be - assuming it involves MediaPortal in some way - will require at least 3 major elements:
    1. MediaPortal's TV Server - to injest and encode the analog streams.
    2. Your IPTV software - to receive the streams from MediaPortal's TV Server, and make them available to end-clients.
    3. End-clients - these are the devices that will be used to display/view the streams. TVs, phones, tablets, whatever else.
    If you plan for the link between elements 1 and 2 to be an internet link then probably MediaPortal is not going to be suitable for you. Aside from directly serving timeshift buffer files somehow, MediaPortal itself is only capable of delivering an RTSP stream. RTSP streams aren't particularly suitable for internet transmission.

    On the other hand, if you plan for the link between elements 2 and 3 to be an internet link then - honestly, without you giving more context - it looks very much like your intention is to redistribute content.

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