Streamed MP Beta v0.9.601 [02 Sep 2009] [Supports MP 1.1.0 Beta]

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  • June 10, 2007
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    Current Release v0.9.601

    Its HIGHLY recommended that you Install MediaPortal 1.1.0 Beta [2009-08-30] or above and install plugins included with this package.

    If you are using MediaPortal 1.0.2 or below, you WILL experience issues throughout. In this case we recommend you use or continue using the previous release StreamedMP 0.8. This version makes use of updates done to the Skin Engine.

    Change Log:
    * Added animations to standard Home RSS/Weather
    * Added support for My Burner plugin
    * Added Volume controls to Top Bar
    * Added My Music Artist/Album animation to overlays, installer updates path accordingly to artist thumbs dir.
    * Added animations to Context Menus
    * Added wrapping text support to fade labels
    * Added support to remember last selected item in BasicHome screen
    * Added support for more Logos, location is shared for all plugins
    * Added support to read custom skin directory in BasicHome Editor
    * Added ability to control Unfocused Alpha and Colours in thumbnail/list facades from Installer
    * Added TVSeries MODS for WideBanner layouts, can be selected from Installer
    * Added missing default icons
    * Added Preliminary support for Touchscreen users
    * Added all Wizard xmls using in My Settings
    * BasicHome Editor now support image or multiimage controls (single by default, much faster)

    * Fixed visibility of RSS/Weather controls on BasicHome when not enabled
    * Fixed all known exception errors throughout skin
    * Fixed Disabled Colour in Hidden Menu

    * Updated My Pictures skin
    * Updated My Music skin - lots of improvements
    * Updated VideoOSD/TVOSD controls
    * Updated BasicHome blade image to be semi-transparent. Thx MrLobster
    * Updated MovingPictures Details to show Content Rating and Actors
    * Updated support for My Lyrics plugin
    * Updated OnlineVideos support

    Plus much more !!!

    For a full list of changes see svn revisions r448 - r590: Changes - streamedmp - Google Code

    Note: The upgrade currently does not support migration of previous custom items on BasicHome screen. Users who previously customized BasicHome should re-enter the Editor and add them again after Installation.

    Package also includes updated plugin libraries:

    * MovingPictures v0.7.5.681 (stable)
    * TVSeries v2.3.3517.1 (stable)
    * MP-RSSTicker v1.0.4.0 (custom build)

    Streamed MP Home Page

    Download StreamedMP 0.9.601


    Basically you have:


    To thank for this skin, and also Team Razorfish over at XBMC for first creating this skin

    A big thanks also goes out to the rest of the rest of the community who helped to test this skin at its various stages, provided valuable feedback and also fix any issues above.

    Come across a Bug

    As mentioned this is a beta so there will be bugs, your feedback will be much appreciated, please read this thread before submitting any bugs to the tracker.

    Please DO NOT report problems unless you are using the latest MediaPortal release v1.1.0 Beta.



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  • December 10, 2007
    Great work! It´s really a great improvement! I like the new transparent basichome very much, but it is a bit laggy for me when I scroll trough the items.


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  • December 10, 2007
    Am I the only one, who experiences that the basichome screen is not running as smooth as before??

    Before I was using MP 1.0.2 ans StreamedMP 0.8
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