[Approved] Swedish translation for MP 1.4.1 / 1.5.0 Pre-Release and deploy tool (1 Viewer)


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    Please can you check the following

    	<String id="96">Sortera efter: </String>
    	<String id="266">Sortera efter: Spår</String>
    	<String id="267">Sortera efter: Tid</String>
    	<String id="268">Sortera efter: Titel</String>
    	<String id="269">Sortera efter: Artist</String>
    	<String id="270">Sortera efter: Album</String>
    	<String id="365">Sortera efter: Namn</String>
    	<String id="366">Sortera efter: År</String>
    	<String id="367">Sortera efter: Betyg</String>
    It seems to me that by including 'Sortera efter:' in strings 266-270 and 365-367, this will be shown twice. The equivalent is certainly not in the English strings.


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    January 27, 2012
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    Hi elliotmc
    Yes, those strings are wrong, and several others, I am working on an update.
    I will supply the update today, hopefully.

    I have supplied a new file in a new thread
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