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February 12, 2008
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There is also bad continuity error in the logs - it looks like the signal dropped out for about 2 seconds, this will cause the GUI rendering to stall since the screen will only update (if playing video) when there are video frames to render.

I'm watching TV at the moment and there's no signal dropout or breakup/glitches but I'm still seeing the problem with the EPG.
And this is the only part where you see flickering, or the only part you have checked?

Could you post a video of this on youtube so that we can see what you are seeing?

Is this on a single or dual monitor setup?
I haven't noticed any flickering anywhere else. It's a single display system (Spare HTPC in my System Specs). I'll try and grab a video for you.


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February 12, 2008
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To me it sounds like the infamoust ATI related flickering bug that has been there for years. It can be hidden on some (nowadays majority) of ATI systems but still it seems to popup once a while, althou mainly with the older generation ATI HW.

I agree with Owlsroost that there has not been any changed between 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 that could affect the GUI rendering.
Ah, OK. I'd not heard of that before but if there haven't been any changes that could be causing this then no point investigating it :)

EDIT: I've noticed it doesn't happen if I stop TV, only if I'm looking at the EPG with TV playing.


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    A comment on the flickering. I have it with 1.2.2 and NVidea card when playing HDTV channel and the EPG is visible.


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    i have been testing Videos and have a couple comments, I created a new database with my 730 movies. when creating the Db it took 4 scans to pick up all the movies it other words the scan totally missed movies when scanning each time i scanned it picked up more movies until after the forth time it finally got them all. It did do a good job identifying the movies it picked up. I have added a few movies since and they were added fine.
    When entering videos it takes between 13 to 15 seconds before the movies show up which is much longer than My Films or Moving Pictures which load almost immediately. The first time i entered Videos i thought MP had frozen up.

    TMDB images search seems to work fine.

    The MPEI feature for updating and installing extensions seems to work fine also.

    I will probably use Videos as a backup to My Films instead of Moving Pictures once the automatic Db update feature in Videos is working in MP v1.3.

    Can RoChess's IMDb+ be used in Videos?


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    March 5, 2012
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    I'm using MP to just watch series and movies (no TV). I also use the TV Series and Moving Pictures plugins for this, so not the built in Movies module. Will it be worth anything to test this new build for you*?

    * you as in you-and-your-dev-team.
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