[THEME] Music Layouts (clearart, cdart, bio, ect.) for MP 1.3 Beta - v3.0 - ALPHA TEST VERSION (1 Viewer)

Mr. V

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September 15, 2007
Hi people,

Here I go again with version 3.0 of this mod for MP 1.3 Beta
(note: version 2.0 is for MP 1.2)

Take note this is a test version only, so there are BUGS. I would love some feedback on the general layout of the different view types. Please only provide improvement suggestion.

Thanks to Itfearme for the best skin ever made and Jameson for doing such an awesome job on making Mediaportal Music section so so good.

Spinning CD art
Interactive now playing screen (not done for version 3.0)
Detailed music Info in layouts
Auto Search for related online music videos (not done for version 3.0)


1. Make a backup copy of you Streamed MP Directory
2. Copy the directory "Music Views" from the download zip into the Streamed MP Themes directory
3. Create two directorys - "cdArt" and "ClearArt" in the Mediaportal "thumbs/music" directory, for your clearart.
4. For more cdart and clearart goto fanart.tv | Central repository for media centre fanart or xbmc Stuff -:- Home
-save the artwork in the appropriate directory
-cdArt file name: Artist-Album.png (must be named exactly as shown in mediaportal, take note no spacing around the '-', name must be exact)
-ClearArt file name: Artist.png

If you can’t find the clearart or cdArt you want. Please consider contributing to the awesome sites.

:D Enjoy!!!


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    Re: [MOD] WIP - Music views for 1.2b

    Its looking good lebbect, keep up the good work. Will take a closer look when your finished ;)

    Mr. V

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    September 15, 2007
    Re: [MOD] WIP - Music views for 1.2b

    Thanks for the feedback guys, it's looking better day by day. A bit slow going though because of real life commitments.

    List views are nearly done. Will post some new screenshots next week


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    Re: [MOD] WIP - Music views for 1.2b

    Wow, I can't believe I've missed this. I have some ideas that I would like to see (if possible):

    Artist view:

    List view showing all artists using FanArt backdrops as thumbs + labels.

    Album view:

    Using the same backdrop as in the "backdrop thumb" above, display album covers in a coverflow

    Track view:

    Show contents of the lyrics tag (optional), time and mediainfo for each track when selected, like in MP TV-Series


    Mr. V

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    September 15, 2007
    Re: [MOD] WIP - Music views for 1.2b

    Thanks emp.

    Looks like i will create more than one view for certain layouts. I think using the Fanart as thumb is a good option, much better quality than most of my artists thumbs.

    I'm 1 step ahead with the lyrics. When viewing tracks, lyrics are displayed if available. Otherwise it falls back to the album review or artist review.

    Looks like i got all of today free. So i will be working on this. Should have some screenshots a bit later.

    Mr. V

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    September 15, 2007
    Re: [MOD] WIP-Music Layouts for 1.2RC-clearart,cdArt, music tags-(Screenshots 24/07/1

    New screenshots.
    This will be for 1.2RC.

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