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tinyMediaManager - The Media Manager for MediaPortal (Win/Mac/Linux) | Page 25

Discussion in 'Tools and other software' started by mlaggner, September 25, 2013.

  1. mlaggner

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    September 23, 2013
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    05.10.2017 - Version 2.9.5
    + added some more (common) languages to the available scraper languages
    x adapt IMDB site changes; getting plot works again
    x fix fanart.tv scraping (thread crash)
    x fix TMDB actor naming scrape
    x fix ANIDB scraper (no episode/season fetched)
    x fix Kodi scraper
    x fix of the bug report dialog (saving log files and layout)
    x some minor fixes

    @jriker1: sorry, I do not know the best setup for mediaportal (I do not use it). Maybe someone else can help you
    @smarty12345: that is fixed with the latest release (imdb.com changed their site layout marginally)
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