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  • July 27, 2007
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    • column for subs? just to indicate if there are subs available? should be there..
    • backdrops count to images in general, so if there is a backdrop (fanart) or poster missing, the flag is false
    • no, I would not do that since movie sets do not need to be like a collection you think of. You can make everything to a movie set (just a "collection" of movies) - e.g. you can create a set called "80s" and put movies from the 80s there..
      second - movie sets are rather obsolete, but still in v3, so there will not be much features added to movie sets
    I didn't see the subs column - It's probably me :)
    Understood but you have to go digging to see if the movie has a backdrop - I preferred the previous version where the backdrop was used as the background. Instant recognition.
    Could you add a 'Collections' thing then that does that - for instance it would be good to know that you are missing 3 James Bond Movies, or 1 Harry Potter movie..?


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    September 23, 2013
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    you can define which columns are visible by clicking on the wrench icon in the corner of every table
    well the backdrop is still visible in the middle area? there should be the same (and more) information visible in the view

    I will think about the movie set request - but since movie sets are deprecated I probably won't add this soon


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    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
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    23.04.2018 - Version 2.9.9
    + removed usage of Google Analytics
    + added hebrew as media language (thx to @israelio)
    x several fixes in the OSX starter script
    x fixed opening of dialogs without parents
    x fixed occasional errors on closing
    x fixed downloading extrafanart/extrathumbs after network failures
    x improved downloading of artwork from movie/TV show editors
    x fixed auto select the first search result in the search windows
    x fixed sorting of movies in movie sets
    x fixed IMDB parsing from movie NFOs
    x improved IMDB scraping original titles
    x improved episode title detection (cleanup)


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    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
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    26.04.2018 - Version 2.9.10
    + feature: Kodi plugins now able to download images (movies)
    x fixed registering donator version


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    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
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    29.05.2018 - Version 2.9.12
    x display Kodi scrapers at the end of the list
    x fixed imdb scraper: parsing of numbers in RU
    x fixed loading of the TVDB plugin
    x fixed movie renamer $1/$2 tokens (adhere ASCII replacement if set)
    x improved execution of external players (thx to @hampelratte)
    x fixed generation of season poster file name #288
    x fixed displaying of the artwork chooser window on macOS
    x further improved Kodi scrapers
    x fixed actor artwork urls from tvdb scraper


    Portal Pro
    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
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    23.07.2018 - Version 2.9.13
    + improved image caching (you should clear and rebuild your image cache)
    + updated libmediainfo to 18.05 + added another recognized trailer filename (movie-trailer.*)
    +added {} as valid delimiter in the movie name detection
    x fixed importing of watched status from NFO
    x tvdb: load poster instead of banner in the search window
    x tvdb: fixed sorting of artwork from tvdb (by rating)
    x imdb: fixed episode date parsing
    x fixed displaying of the clear trakt button
    x fixed cleanup in the renamer #333
    x added logo for not rated
    x improved season and episode detection
    x corrected app version display on macOS
    x fixed some smaller issues on actor image handling
    x removed the scraper (this service has been shut down)


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    October 13, 2007
    India India
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    I find tMM very useful for organizing media. I use it with MediaPortal2.

    I am finding that the ImporterWorker in MediaPortal2 flaky - i.e. it will suspend the process upon encountering an error and I have to restart it.

    I would like to have better control over this import process. Is there a way for the import process to be triggered via commandline - thus, I can monitor what's going on instead of looking at the log files?

    Better, is there a way for tMM to "write" directly into MediaPortal2's database?



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    January 29, 2005
    Halle (Saale)
    Germany Germany
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    Hello @mlaggner!
    As MP2 now supports stubs, I have some questions regarding the support in tMM:
    I know you create a .disc-file if I add an offline movie but this file is always empty and regardless which source is selected the file extension is only .disc. Could you add a file structure as described here and add the source type as file extension e.g. .bluray.disc as also described in this post?

    At the moment I use tMM on my laptop and access the HTPC via LAN. So when I add an offline movie I have no information about the disc name in Windows as needed in MP2. Would tMM take that info if the disc was actually available? The same goes for the fileinfo.
    If you add the above mentioned file structure, it would be nice to have the possibility to edit the disc name. The fileinfo can already be edited in tMM but is not written to the NFO file ...

    Also would it be possible to add stub support for series too?

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