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September 20, 2018
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Installed MP-2 today on windows 7 HTPC with a HD Homerun dual ATSC tuner. Noticed that one tuner is always in use (the green light is on) even when MP is shut down. Any one know why this is happening?


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    Hello and welcome to MP2.:)

    Any one know why this is happening?
    Impossible to tell without logs.

    even when MP is shut down.
    Did you also terminate the MP2 Server Service? If yes, then the problem is not with MP2. Otherwise there is the TV plugin that has an in-built EPG feature, which may use the tuner (logs would tell ;)). In the US there is no DVB-EPG and you may want to use other sources for program information, e.g. the EPG-Buddy, which you can find in the forum.


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    just an idea: Do you have a parallel MP1 with TV Server installation by chance? Then you have two MP TV Servers with the MP3.0 TV Engine running in parallel. That would explain one TV card being blocked by the 'other' MP installation. In that case you need to terminate the MP1 TV Server for MP1.

    Although they use the same MP3.0 TV Engine code base MP1 and MP2 both have both their own TV server which behaves a little bit differently.


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