1. T

    MP2 - V2.4 TV Guide Seach button not working

    Before you create this bug report: Make sure that your system (Windows, codecs and drivers) is up to date, matching the Requirements and you've filled in your System Specs. Have a look at our MediaPortal Wiki! Maybe the solution is already there. Have a look at our Jira (Bug and Issue...
  2. Goucho

    Plugin für WMC Fernbedienung

    Hallo Kollegen, hatte irgendwo gelesen, dass es ein Plugin geben soll, das die Nutzung einer WMC Fernbedienung im MP ermöglichen bzw. optimieren soll. Meine WMC Fernbedienung funzt bei einigen Operationen im WMC Skin ganz gut, aber bei weitem nicht bei allen. Habt Ihr einen Tip parat?
  3. R

    Photo Wall Screensaver / Visualization (a la WMC)

    As a past user of Windows Media Centre I'm loving the new WMC skin. It did get me thinking however of the screensaver that it used to have - It was a black & white photo wall that randomly scrolled up/down then zoomed into a photo and colourised it: I realise that getting something like this...
  4. TiVo

    MP2 - Spring'16 Unable to play Windows Media Center (WMC) Files (.wtv)

    I recently installed Media Portal 2 Spring 16 on three computers. "Living Room" is a server and client running on a fresh install of 64bit Windows 7 with the free Windows Update to 64bit Windows 10. "Living Room" plays .wtv files. "Bedroom" has just the client installed. It is a long standing...
  5. DreadBeatDad

    Live TV Flicker/Flash

    MP2 on owner build PC. Nvidia GeForce 210 driver version 341.95 1gb 8gb ram Windows 10 64bit Samsung TV running at 60hz and 1080p TV card AverMedia A188 PCIe Pure DVB-T driver version I have had to move to Windows 10 due to hard drive issues and now I need a new Media centre as I used...
  6. P

    WMC Remote Will Not Open Anything (Recordings, TV Guide, ETC) When Minimised

    I start with MP1 minimised on my HTPC. With version 1.12.0 I can pick up my remote and press Recordings, Live TV, Guide etc and it bursts into action and works great. If i update to any version higher (no more WMC, just generic HUD) it wont launch anything from remote, it does nothing. If I...
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