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    MPExtended Service 0.5.4
    MPExtended is a project that aims at providing access to MediaPortal from all over the world. The MPExtended Service is our core component, which provides the data retrieval and streaming functions for all clients. You will need this to use one of the clients, such as aMPdroid and WebMediaPortal.

    The 0.5.4 release fixes more than 20 bugs, includes new streaming profiles and updated translations.

    If you are still using 0.4.3, the 0.5.0 release adds a lot of new features, such as translations for the configuration interface, mvCentral and MyFilms support, network drive support, a PowerScheduler plugin, HTTP Live Streaming, easy-to-use configuration and more. The full changelog is available below. People already using 0.4.3 can update their installation without problems.


    Upgrading from any 0.5 version to the latest version in the 0.5 series (e.g. from 0.5.0 to 0.5.1) is possible without any problems.

    It is possible to update your existing 0.4.3 installation to this version. Most settings will be preserved during the update, but some settings will be lost, most notably the network drive login details. You have to update all your clients at the same time too: aMPdroid 1.0 and WebMediaPortal 0.4.3 aren't compatible with this version. You should upgrade to aMPdroid 1.1 and WebMediaPortal 0.5.0. The MP2 SlimTv client will receive an update in the coming weeks.

    If you have any problems during the upgrade, you should uninstall MPExtended, delete C:\ProgramData\MPExtended and perform the installation again. The upgrading of configuration files and cache data from 0.4.3 is complex and might cause problems during the upgrade in edge cases.

    0.5.4, 14 July 2013:
    • Add streaming profiles for Windows Phone 8 app by jwe
    • New translations for Czech and Catalan, updated translations for French, Finnish, Hebrew, Indonesian and Slovak. As usual, a sincere thanks to the translators!
    • Fix crash when image cache isn't writable
    • Fix crash in configurator on activity tab
    • Fix crash in configurator when there are duplicate accounts (and disallow creating them)
    • Fix crash when external IP couldn't be determined
    • Fix canceling timeshiftings (also fixes problems with WebMP not stopping a timeshifting)
    • Fix image extraction from files on network drives (fixes recording thumbnails not working)
    • Fix reinstallation in a different directory
    • Reload MediaInfo when the source file changes
    • MP-TVSeries: Fix searching for an episode
    • MP-TVSeries: Fix handling of old, deleted or empty shows and seasons
    • MP-TVSeries: Fix episode counting
    • MP-TVSeries: Fix reading fanart and honor preferred artwork
    • MP-TVSeries: Correctly handle mulitiple episodes in a single fille
    • MovingPictures: Fix compatability with old databases
    • PowerScheduler: Don't prevent shutdown when service is not running
    • Add a watched information to our API
    • Add filter support on boolean values to the API
    • Improve ordering of search results when an alternate title matches
    • Log all configurator crashes
    • Improved error handling when an SQL query fails

    Changelog of older versions is available in the spoiler below.
    0.5.3, 3 February 2013:
    • Fix crash when there are channels with special characters in their name
    • Fix MediaPortal problems because MyFilms.xml was open
    • Improve stability by logging instead of crashing when background tasks fail
    • Fix external IP detection (whatismyip.com stopped their service)
    • Fix recording thumbnails on Windows XP
    • Fix error from configurator during upgrade
    • Fix MP Videos compatiblity with MediaPortal 1.2
    • Improve performance for loading playlist items
    • Show confirmation message when cache has been cleared
    • Fix outdated artwork
    • Close artwork files after usage
    • Update French, Slovak and Swedish translations, thanks!
    • Add Indonesian translation, thanks!

    0.5.2, 9 January 2013:
    • Fix start/stop button in configurator on Windows XP and Windows 8
    • Fix empty tabs in configurator
    • Fix configurator crash when barcode is refreshed too fast
    • Fix configurator crash when invalid port number is entered for WebMediaPortal
    • Fix configurator crash when cleaning cache
    • Fix configurator crash when external IP cannot be loaded
    • Fix MediaPortal crash during exit when MPExtended is reading its configuration file
    • Fix crash when rescanning for databases in MAS when a client connects
    • Fix crashes and exceptions due to inconsistent databases
    • Fix crash when files are on an network drive with unresolvable host name
    • Fix MyFilms support
    • Fix empty movies with MP-Videos
    • Fix artwork loading with MP-TVSeries
    • Fix movie ratings in when regional and language settings use a comma as decimal seperator
    • Fix tracks without artist in MP-Music
    • Fix Trakt synchronization of watched episodes
    • Fix Trakt and follw.it synchronization when MediaPortal is not installed
    • Fix crash when Trakt or follw.it is down
    • Fix too strict permissions on ProgramData folder
    • Fix text on start/stop button during service start
    • Also export backed-up log files
    • Correctly show release date in update checker
    • Update Slovenian translation
    • Fix stills from files with non-square pixels (skewed aspect ratio in recording previews)
    • Fix ordering of latest recordings in aMPdroid
    • Send correct MIME-type for cached images
    • Allow DoStream() and GetMediaItem() usage by everyone when authentication is disabled
    • Add director and writers support to MP-Videos plugin

    0.5.1, 3 December 2012:
    • Fix crash when TV channels have a forward slash in their name
    • Fix crash when artwork doesn't have an extension
    • Fix failure to start when TvService is disabled
    • Support channel logos in gif format
    • Don't stop when MediaPortal is upgraded
    • Fix crash when MediaPortal.xml file becomes unavailable
    • Fix overwriting of manually changed configuration files
    • Fix overwriting of Trakt and follw.it configuration (you might need to reconfigure your account if you had problems)
    • Fix duplication of English in language selection list
    • Fix minor layout issues in the configurator
    • Fix crash when cleaning cache in configurator
    • Fix crash when loading IP address fails
    • Always download latest WifiRemote version during installation

    0.5.0, 25 November 2012:
    • Configuration interface is now translated in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.
    • Search function
    • mvCentral (Music Videos) support
    • MyFilms (Ant Movie Catalog only) support
    • Working support for streaming from network drives
    • PowerScheduler plugin to keep TV Server alive when streaming
    • HTTP Live Streaming support for both Android and iOS
    • Improved API with extensive filtering support
    • Added playlist support
    • Access request system for easy client configuration
    • Language detection for external subtitle files
    • Support for custom-added series in MPTVSeries
    • Automatically cleanup old logfiles
    • Usability improvements in the configuration program
    • Activity tab in the configurator, which shows active downloads and streams
    • Automatic reload configuration files after changes
    • Automatically download channel logos from client
    • Fixed firewall setup during installation
    • Fixed installation on WHS 2011
    • Improved stability and cleanup of streaming processes
    • Improved stability and performance

    I'd like to thank these people for their help with making this happen:
    • DieBagger for implementing a lot of features, developing aMPdroid, cleaning up the API, keeping me sane and a lot more.
    • ollienator for implementing the network drive streaming support and some bug fixes.
    • Team Eve for developing an awesome client and finding quite some bugs.
    • All the translators, who've done an awesome job on translating MPExtended.
    • Everyone who has been patient enough to wait half a year on their promised bug fixes.

    When you've any problems, please follow the troubleshooting guide in the wiki. If you can't solve it using the documentation, feel free to create a new thread here, but include your logs (it's documented in the wiki page how to get them)! In general I try to read all threads and comment on all problems, but it can take a while sometimes and I might miss some of them. Please file only confirmed bugs on the GitHub issue tracker. If you want a new feature, please post here too. We'll carefully evaluate all ideas, and implement interesting ones for the next version.

    MPExtended is a volunteer project, which we do in our free time. Donating allows us to spend more time on the project, delivering new features and bugfixes even faster, or fixing that single bug that annoys you so much. It's also very motivating for us to continue working on MPExtended.
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    Thanks for supporting MyFilms! I hope ampdroid will do so
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    Immediate feedback -

    Feck Me it is very very responsive!

    I could use it to watch Live TV on my iPhone (using HTPC Streaming HQ) and a film my MacBook (using Flash HD) and a TV Episode on a PC (using Flash HD) - SIMULTANEOUSLY!

    My only observation so far is that the HTTP Streaming profiles gets locked out once it is in use by the first "user" (which I was using for the iPhone), this is not a problem because you can then just manually select the Flash HD profile. However, I wonder if it might be an option to have an option for "fall-back profile" in the settings so that it doesn't default to "Direct" when the default profile is unavailable, or to allow different users accounts to select different default profiles? (all accounts use the same at the moment). - I am being really picky here though!

    I am BLOWN AWAY by the improvements from 0.4.3 to 0.5.0, you have created such a great product here.

    All I need to do now is to get my wife an iPad or a Nexus 7 for Christmas, so that I....., sorry, I mean "she" can use MPExtended and WebMediaPortal even more!!!

    Great work!


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    My only observation so far is that the HTTP Streaming profiles gets locked out once it is in use by the first "user" (which I was using for the iPhone), this is not a problem because you can then just manually select the Flash HD profile.
    Actually, what I think you're seeing here is that we have made the HTTP Live Streaming profiles only available to iOS devices. I didn't think about it that MacBooks (and maybe Safari on Windows) support them too, as they were primarily intended for iOS devices. Oops. I'll fix that for 0.5.1 ;)


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    Oops nothing! You can't think of every permutation of usage!

    I would say that Safari doesn't need HTTP Live Streaming, since Flash works fine. The problem comes from the default profile setting when you have a household where users have both iOS devices and other devices (mac, PC or android). Like I say, the simplest way might be to let different user accounts set different streaming profiles and make all the iOS devices log on using a different user account to the rest of the users.


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    Thanks again for your excelent work.
    Transparent installation an almost straight forward working.
    For me the only problem is that I don't get the play button on my Ipad 4G 64 (3th gen) running IOS 5.1.1 so no way to play the tv or video files. I tried all HTTP profiles but doesn't work. I get The black play screen (black rectangle) but no play button in it.
    On my Iphone 4 running IOS 5.0.1 it works perfectly. Black Screen (representing the video) and play button on it... of course working properly!!

    Thanks again. Great Soft and Great Update!!!


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    Same here. iPhone HTTP streaming are working fine. iPad HTTP streaming are NOT working.
    But very responsive ..


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    am i missing something dl link goes to old version?

    odd clicked on direct dl and it took me to the page but did not refresh and so i was seeing old web page very strange, now manually refreshed and links are there odd to say the least.
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