Upgrade of 1.5 with 1.6 does not upgrade MySQL 5.1 to 5.6 (1 Viewer)


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I'm curious. Are your database tables now in InnoDB format? I would bet they are still all MyISAM.
Following the steps at http://wiki.team-mediaportal.com/1_..._Tool)/Update_to_MySQL_5.6#Useful_information, I do have InnoDB.
Default will be set as InnoDB for MySQL 5.6. AFAIK the same was true for MySQL 5.1. However, that doesn't mean that the tables themselves will be in InnoDB format. Before MP 1.6, we explicitly set the table format to MyISAM.
That is exactly what I was thinking.

You installed MySQL 5.6 but configured the database connection with MP1.5. So, in this case MP creates 'mptvdb' with MyISAM format.
After that you updated MP to 1.6. The installer found an existing database and left it unchanged. That means, that your tables remain in the same format as before.
To overcome this situation you have to delete the 'mptvdb' database (use the Workbench) and configure the TV-Server database connection again. In your tutorial these are the steps 6-9. After that MP1.6 will create a new database with the new InnoDB format.

To check the format you can use this sql command (also in the Workbench, when you have connected to your database):
SELECT `TABLE_NAME`, `ENGINE` FROM `information_schema`.`TABLES` WHERE `TABLE_SCHEMA` = 'mptvdb';


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Thanks a lot to both, @mm1352000 and @Iwen, for your great help. :D

I checked the format, with the sql command, and you both were right (I was not aware when the db is created and that it was in the old format). I did as Iwen told, and now is InnoDB format. (y)

I will edit my original post to modify step 1 and to remove the idea of installing MP 1.6 after that. This will help other users, as well.

I suggest you read the MySQL documentation if you want to customise.
The screenshots shows that there should be information about the choice on the right hand side.
That documentation does not provide further information to me, as the main things are explained in the screenshots. Reading that screenshots is why I decided my installation options, as I was not able to find recommendations for MP.
It is completely personal choice. There is no "best for MP"; it is "best for you".
The "best for me" is what is "best for MP" and the performance of my HTPC (99% dedicated to MP). I do not have an especial interest of customising it as far as MP works ok, but just wanted to use the same options used in the MP 1.6 installer when doing a fresh install (I trust on the dev team knowledge).
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Hope this could be useful to somebody. (y)
Thanks Mrspock for the detailed walk through. It was very helpful this evening. Much appreciated.

One thing I noticed... Specific to functionality related to Cablecards... Is the the "CAM enabled" flags and "simultaneous streams" values were not backed up in the TV server settings export. As it's newer functionality, I can understand why this would be the case. Anyone using Cablecards following this upgrade process will need to re-enable those settings or they'll get an "all cards busy" error message when they test channels after upgrading.

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