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    It;s there, finally :)

    The update URL has changed and re-submitted, so not sure when it will start to show up in the extension manager. For now you can use the attachment.



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    I would like to give PureAudio another try and I have a problem. I have updated to MP 1.25 and the plugin installed just fine. But if I try to play a mp3, the audio does not start, track time is not running (HDMI, same as standard for MP or windows). When I change the output device to optical, it seems that the file is being played (track time starts to run), but obviously no sound because it is not connected. As soon as I deactivate the plugin, music plays with the MP player (WASAPI).
    I assume this is just a setting problem somewhere MP or windows, but I do not know what to change.
    Can anybody give me a clue?


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    February 28, 2012
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    My experience has been revealing. I have been years with serious problems with the sound in the media portal without being able to find out the reason for these problems, the fact is that without any apparent cause it chops and for the audio of any file it takes a couple of seconds to then continue normally and stop again few minutes later. Without much hope I installed the plugin a few days ago and, oh surprise, the sound has not skipped or cut off again. The configuration is simple, you just have to be careful that it matches in the music section (internal, bass, asio or wasapi), with the one used in the plugin. In my case Wasapi in both. With this I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the fault, in my case, is undoubtedly in the internal mediaportal player, which I think is incapable of assuming the time buffer and that is why it cuts and restarts the sound.

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