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whats everyone got in there box :) as of now i got nothing but... i'm saveing up for a xunium ice and a 200gig


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  • April 22, 2004
    The Netherlands
    Netherlands Netherlands
    MSI Mega 180 (i reversed the cpu fans for better cooling)
    -Onboard Nvidia Geforce4 + TV-out
    -running @ 720x576 50 Hertz
    -Only using video out. (no vga monitor connected to my msi)
    -Onboard Nvidia Sound + SPDIF out
    -using stereo outputs
    -Onboard Wireless 802.11
    -Athlon XP 2500
    -512MB memory
    -120Gig. harddisk Maxtor liquid bearing + zallman cooler
    -NEC 1300a DVD +RW/-RW writer
    -Hauppage PVR USB 2
    -Hauppage PVR 350
    -Remote control : Hauppage (came with the card)

    -JVC 16:9 Television
    -Sony Dolby Surround amplifier

    -Windows XP SP 1
    -Girder 3.2



    DIGN HQ7SE case
    Nexus 300Watt PSU
    P4E 3,2 GHz + Zalman CPS-7000B Cu cooler
    512 MB PC3200 memory
    Hitachi 160 GB hdd
    Onboard ATI Radeon 9200 (128 MB shared memory)
    Onboard soundcard with SP/DIF
    Hauppauge PVR 250
    Philips DVD-ROM


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  • April 22, 2004
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Country flag
    MSI Mega 180
    AMD Athlon 2500+
    Onboard Nvidia geforce + TV-out
    Onboard Nvidia Sound + SPDIF out
    1024MB memory
    160GB Western Digital 7200 HD
    Haupauge PVR350
    MSI DVD Rom
    Remotes: Streamzap, Haupauge silver and MSI


    My Asus DigimatrixProcessor Intel Celeron 2.66GHz
    Memory 512MB
    Motherboard P4SQ
    HDD: 160 GB
    SiS 651/962L Chipsets
    Graphics SiS 315 3D graphic integrated
    64MB shared memory architecture
    Audio AC97 SW audio, 6 channel codec
    S/PDIF audio output
    - FM radio studio | disabled
    - TV-tuner Time-shifting, Pre-schedule recording | disabled
    VisionPlus DVB-T USB
    S-Video TV-out
    HDTV 1080i, 720i, 525i
    7-in-1 Memory Card Reader
    S-Video TV-out, HDTV-out


    man ya'll kill me.
    p4 2.8ghz
    80gig 7200rpm
    512mb memory
    19 inch crt dell :)
    stock speackers
    dell cd burner
    duel boot xp and red hat and accasionally flak or knopix


    Aopen XCube 865PE
    Intel Celeron 2.4GHZ (320 D)
    512mb Inifieon 400mhz DDR
    (Crappy 40gb harddisk because the one I brought for the machine was faultly and I am waiting for replement to come)
    Samsung 16x Dual Layer DVD+R/-R
    Built by ATI AIW 9800 (with radio remote)

    32" Widescreen JVC


    AMD Mobile Athlon 2500+ OC'd to 2.6GHz on air (SLK900 Plus Vantec Tornado aka the Hair Dryer)
    1024MB PC3200 Corsair XMS Xtra Low Latency
    DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B
    Twinhan 1020 DVB Sat Card
    Built by ATI AIW 9700 Pro
    Lite-On 401s 4x DVD+R/W flashed to 811s 8x DVD+-R/W
    Maxtor 120GB 7200
    Maxtor 80GB 7200
    Onboard Nvidia Sound + SPDIF
    Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 Desktop Theater
    21" Sony Trinitron
    Windows XP

    Definitely going to have to build a seperate htpc box. If I don't throttle down the CPU fan, I can hear it outside.

    If you're thinking about getting a Vantec Tornado, consider yourself warned, it's probably the best fan you can buy, but loud isn't even the word...


    Production HTPC in living room:

    MSI PT8 Neo - cheap and cheerful with S/PDIF output on back panel
    Celeron-D 2.4GHz
    Zalman CPU cooler and power supply
    Zalman Fanmates to run CPU and case fans at slow speed
    512MB Kingston Value RAM
    Radeon 9200SE 128MB
    2x200MB Seagate Barracuda SATA drives in RAID-0
    Pioneer DVD-RW drive
    Belkin 802.11g wireless LAN adapter (Broadcom)
    DVICO FusionHDTV-Plus DVB-T card - not supported yet but has BDA drivers
    Accent HTPC case - gold anodised front with built in IMON remote and VFD
    MS wireless keyboard and mouse at the moment - like to do without altogether if possible
    XP Pro/SP1

    All driving:

    Sony KV-HR32 HDTV - readable desktop at 1280x720p via RGBHV inputs
    Marantz SR5200 receiver
    Krix speakers - Lyrix Gold fronts, Centrix centre, Equinox rears, Seismix3-MkII sub

    Development PC in study:

    Intel D865GBF - what I'd use in the above if I did things over
    P4 3.2GHz 800FSB (Prescott)
    Zalman CPU cooler and power supply
    1GB Kingston Value RAM
    Radeon 9200SE 128MB
    2x80MB Seagate Barracuda SATA drives in RAID-0
    Pioneer DVD-RW drive
    Netcomm 802.11g wireless LAN adapter (Prism)
    DVICO FusionHDTV-lite DVB-T card
    Shitty case hidden under desk - considering a remote and VFD for testing
    IBM/Sony 21" Trinitron monitor
    XP Pro/SP2 + Visual Studio.NET

    Other PC's:
    Asus Pundit-R used for email, accounting and boring admin type stuff. It runs a TI chipset 802.11g card. I deliberately mix things up to test compatibility.
    PIII Celeron 700 running Smoothwall Express for firewall/router
    XBox in the kids room with no connectivity as yet
    Enough old motherboards of PIII vintage and bits to make a few more machines to test ideas.

    Computer room machines are linked by a 100Mbps switch + access point that talks over 802.11g to an access point on the firewall box. I can switch over to wireless only if I want to test streaming video and stuff.

    All this connected to the 'net by a.... 56K modem! :cry:

    I've just moved house and didn't check if ADSL was available - duh. So, if you're feeling jealous about all the kit I have to play with you can make fun of me now. :lol:

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