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  • September 1, 2008
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    Please provide log files then, because it's literally not possible for the XMLTV plugin to do the things you're describing. Categorically: it does not change channel numbers, names, create new channels etc.


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  • September 25, 2010
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    I dont know which one holds the info you are looking for.

    To be fair, i did accidentally check the SD plugin check box after I had it off.... realized I clicked wrong box about 1 minute later I think. Maybe it happened then.


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    April 16, 2016
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    Ran through the directions. Double checked.. Had an issue at the following:
    "Import Status: tvguide.xml: Invalid XML file:Could not find file 'J:\TVGui"

    I had to copy the dtd file into the J:\TvGuid folder as well.. AFter that it worked



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  • March 15, 2012
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    Great to see this in the works!! and working.. i have it working but my only problem is i am trying to combined two providers info together so mediaportal will pick it up as one xmltv and it seems the use of any type of file com-binder to combined these together it only picks up one provider in the channel mappings and also only one of the list comes up from zapit file.
    zap2xml -z -u user -p pass -d 15 -o tvguide.xml -g -U -T -r 8
    zap2xml -z -u user -p pass -d 15 -o tvguide1.xml -g -U -T -r 8

    zap2xml -u user -p pass -d 15 -o tvguide.xml -U -T -r 8
    zap2xml -u user -p pass -d 15 -o tvguide1.xml -U -T -r 8

    is there any way to combining these together ? looking at about 1100 channels with two tv cards so i am only grabbing 15 days at once .. with one provider i can do 30 days any more and everything does not work simply to much info i assume . i stopped using this for now until i can figure this out. because every other week i have to do a channel scan to keep up with changes such a pain would be nice to have a updater for channels and transponders that map with the guide changes to.... i know a long ways away but i can dream for now :) last i would like to thank all in the development group for your time and effort into this as i know this is very time consuming thanks!!!
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  • July 11, 2011
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    If I remember correctly, tvguide only supports 14 days of info.
    what 2 providers are you using?
    Can you set the scripts to grab 1 day each and upload the tvguides so that I can look at them.


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  • July 11, 2011
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    i am testing d-net and b-express.
    While I do not know these providers, I can tell you that the tvguide1.xml has all the channels that tvguide.xml has and then some.
    Most notably are the Lower Channels.

    TVguide.xml goes not seem to have channels 10 thru 70 that tvguide1.xml has.
    If you stick with the one guide and map the proper channels in SetupTV, all should be there and work without a hitch.

    Also, there is a New Tool being developed called EPG-Grabber.
    EPG-Buddy a new EPG Tool with easy usage.

    I would suggest checking it out but be aware there is a lot of development still going on with this for the U.S.
    Currently I am using / testing it for Chicagoland Over-The-Air Digital channels.


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    September 26, 2017
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    I must be missing some key step, but when I run the zap2xml exe file, I cannot edit it. It stays open a few seconds then closes automatically. What did I miss?


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    October 28, 2017
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    Thanks breese very much. I could not get WebEPG to work anymore and stumbled on your work. It worked for me using the command prompt going to the location.
    windows key + R, type cmd in the run box and enter to get the command line
    I got this to work

    zap2xml -u zap2xmluser@email.xx -p password -d 10 -A "new" -q -s -o xmltv.xml
    (looks like you have options not to register...among others)

    Then I tried to automate it with task scheduler like you proposed. Pointing to zap2xmlrc worked in making xmltv.xml file.
    But that had to be renamed or copied and renamed to tvguide.xml in order to be imported by the plugin.

    So I made a bat file as someone suggested like this to combine several commands to fully automate the process.
    I made a text file called run.txt and put this one line in without any breaks to first delete the old xmltv.xml file, then run zap2xml, and last to overwrite the old tvguide.xml with the new xmltv.xml file your program makes.

    del xmltv.xml && zap2xml -u zap2xmluser@email.xx -p password -d 14 -A "new" -q -s -o xmltv.xml && xcopy xmltv.xml tvguide.xml /y && exit

    I saved that and renamed it something like run.bat and put it in the program folder

    Program Script


    Add arguments
    no arguments, left blank

    Start in

    Worked when I manually ran the task, will see if it works by itself tomorrow. WebEPG did all that scheduling, and I guess there may be another way now to automate the schedule for the none too jaded.-- Thanks again
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  • August 27, 2010
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    Open the folder where you installed the zap2xml.exe and create a file called zap2xmlrc.txt
    Add the following lines within this new text file
    NOTE: Do not include the Quote Marks after the Equal Sign

    days="put the # of days you want downloaded every day"
    user="UserName used on zap2it.com"
    pass="Password used on zap2it.com"
    outfile="F:\TVGuide\tvguide.xml" ---- As I said above - This is My Location and File Name Used
    Save and Close the file.

    From the same location, run the zap2xml.exe with the following command line
    zap2xml -u tvguideuser@email.xx -p password -o myfile.xml
    tvguideuser@email.xx == Your zap2it username
    password ==Your zap2it password
    myfile.xml == tvguide.xml
    Aren't the zap2xmlrc file AND the command line arguments redundant? Either one should work, but don't need both. (and your command line doesn't tell zap2xml to use the rc file)

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